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  • Member: Athrun Zala097
  • Studio: Emo Inc.
  • Title: Kanako's A Riot Girl
  • Premiered: 2005-05-28
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    • Good Charlotte Riot Girl
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  • Comments: ***MUST READ***

    Ok ok First off, I know the end is repeat's BUT hear me out, It's memories, go with me ok? Love Hin aAgain is only 3 eps long, wish the OVA was longer its the OVA of love hian fo ru that dident know, so bare with me i think i did a good job, In the begginning its soppsoe dot be liek there talkin about her, and for those who havent seen the OVA's She may look like naru at points but note only when its in black other wise it's naru , anyway please Enjoy.

    Ok now, I have NEVER seen a Kanako Urashima amv here, So i was annoyed by that she is my favorite Love Hina Character of all time, So I decided to, this video was so hard to make because of the only 3 eps of the ova,, but it was fun to make. Any way Please Leave your opinions.

    - Athrun -

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