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  • Members: Scoob, JaddziaDax, jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: ScoobsNet Studios
  • Title: Shattered
  • Premiered: 2005-05-28
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  • Song:
    • Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams
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  • Comments: Yeah, three people made this video. - jade_eyed_angel, JaddziaDax, and ScoobINSMDBZ.

    Yeah, we know what you're thinking. One person alone could have made this video but we wanted to combine our ideas into one video. We know this idea isn't really original but since so many people were making these videos we felt left out.

    So now we made one too.

    This video does contain some mild spoilers so if you don't want to ruin anything about the series then don't watch this video.

    It's about Ed and the troubles he goes through along with Al for chasing their dream. The problems they face along with their feelings.


    Yeah, three people.

    Extra Comments


    Whats to say about this vid??? uhhh everyone has done this before?? lol and well one night Rina and Scoob (mostly Rina) were all "since everyone's doing this, we are going to do it too as our MEP"... and I was like "uhhhh ok"

    anywho, my favorite part to make was the instrumental bridge between the two choruses at 3:06... that took me 6 hours and it was a blast experimenting with several effects... anyways they forced me to do this (mostly Rina) and well I think we did a pretty good job!
    well have fun watching the vid! ttyl!


    Well I had thought of using this song a long time ago which was before everyone started using this song and the anime a lot. Then my sis suggested the idea too but I decided not to do it. One day Rina ims me and she says she wants to make a mep using that song. I said if Katie was fine with it I'd do it. She said Katie was but as it turned out Katie had no idea. So we decided to work on it but almost gave up on it many times well I did. I think it was the song.......well yeah Rinas a tricky person but shes still nice.....but it was still fun working on the video. Well not working on the video because I got to annoy Rina. So yeah it was fun working on this video.

    So yeah this mep has a story besides the one we wanted to show in the video itself.


    I wanted to do this combo for a while actually, but then i saw that there were a ton of vids to it already. and then scoob said he was going to do it for his sister, so i figured i'd forget about it. but then scoob was lazy =P and katie and i were looking through most of the other FMA vids to this song, and no offence to anyone but between subs, quality, and random scenes thrown in, they more or less were.... not that good. so i wanted to make this again, and katie kinda wanted to make it, and scoob said he wanted to make it for his sister, so i was like.. let's all make it! =D anyways so after a painful month (or something lol) we made it... and i bugged scoob and katie the whoooollleee time! muahahaha i'm evil! i 'm sori katie, scoob, hope u dun hate me!

    * 2006-02-11 16:42:20best video in amv
    * 2006-02-09 23:59:43Good quality work, very nice you 2.
    * 2006-02-06 15:35:38great
    * 2006-01-26 06:46:22nice one
    * 2006-01-15 14:21:20Great FMA AMV, just the tranmutation circle effect is pretty overused XD Other than that, top-notch!
    * 2006-01-12 21:37:12Awesome. I was singing along.
    * 2005-11-07 21:26:01OOOOHHHHH YEEEEEEAAAAHHHHH..... That rocked. Nice job! ~jub
    * 2005-11-04 20:50:04good song good video but was too busy alot going on
    * 2005-11-04 20:08:12I liked how you made the video move with the guitar in the song. Cool!
    * 2005-10-22 23:43:44asdf
    * 2005-10-17 03:16:39great use of sahdow and brother metaphore ^_^
    * 2005-10-09 was really cool! good job!!
    * 2005-09-30 18:44:08IT WOUNDN'T DOWNLOAD(!_!)
    * 2005-09-23 21:02:04great amv probobly the best i've ever seen
    * 2005-09-19 15:30:34Awsome!>^^
    * 2005-09-14 10:17:15Amazing! I loved it!

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