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  • Member: AmazonMandy
  • Title: Utena Daioh
  • Premiered: 2005-05-27
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    • Azumanga Daioh Soramimi Cake
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  • Comments: I don't know what to say about this, i don't want to go on one of those rediculously long rants..

    Its all hand animation, over the Azumanga Daoih opening. I did this for a 10,000 hits gift for the guests on my page, Its also available there, for a limited time, along with alot of other cracky stuff i do. I thought about doing something like this with flash or another program, but i wanted it to look a certain way, so i did it by hand. Thousands of drawings. It took 3 weeks, just a few hours here and there, because lets face it, drawing the same frame with a little movement over and over will burn you out if you DON"T take breaks ^_^;;;

    Its not the best video quality, alot of that is due to the process i had to go through to make it. The shadows don't match up, and i didn't try to make them, this was fun, not to drive me insane. But honestly, i don't really care...i did it for fun, i think its fun as heck, and i hope others enjoy.

    It helps if you've seen the Azumanga opening, and of course helps if you've seen Utena, so you get all the "in jokes", but i don't thin you have to to enjoy this.

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