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  • Member: Kalium
  • Title: Legends of Honor
  • Premiered: 2005-05-27
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    • Iron Savior Tales of the Bold
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  • Comments: OK, first things first. You should be aware that I cut the song. Heavily. The original is 5:31, so I cut about three minutes out. Two of those three minutes are one very long guitar solo. The other cuts were mostly me cutting out lines that I didn't feel I could work with.

    This video is significant (for me) in multiple ways. First, it marks a departure from the sappy videos I had been doing. Second, it marks my entry in the area of "metal AMVs", so after a fashion it's a tribute to a major influence of mine. A few of you know who I'm talking about. Third, well, I finally got another video done!

    Now, for the video itself. It started out as a fairly simple concept: power metal, swords, and sorcery. It started simple. It didn't stay simple. Before long, it had morphed into a full-fledged action/drama video that amounted to a tribute to the heroes of Lodoss. I'm not sure how or why that happened, but it did. As a result, I think the concept comes across a little muddled, but that's me. Maybe it's different for you, my viewers.

    Anyway, now for liner notes:

    0:01-0:02 - This is really just to set the tone somewhat, to put the characters under threat.
    0:02-0:14 - This segment serves two purposes. First, it introduces a significant portion of the cast. Second, it bridges the musical intro in an effective manner.
    0:14-0:16 - This is both plain lyrical synch and a small joke (Parn as the son).
    0:16-0:20 - Blatant lyrical synch. Nothing to see here, move along.
    0:20-0:26 - More blatant lyrical synch.
    0:26-0:30 - Less blatant lyrical synch.
    0:31 - A cold reminder of how war ends.
    0:31-0:34 - The star is inspired by rubyeye's "Shellshock".
    0:34-0:38 - More plain lyrical synch. Notice a pattern yet?
    0:38-0:47 - Here, I got to indulge a stylistic quirk of mine. I find I like doing the stop-motion stuff, along with the incremental fades. A note on the quick flash of a siloutte: that's Tessius, a reference back to Parn as "the son". Makes more sense if you've seen Lodoss.
    0:47-0:50 - A little bit a uplifting stuff before I get dramatic.
    0:50-1:02 - This is me trying to be dramatic. Note the bard plucking at the harp-like thing.
    1:02-1:05 - More blatant lyrical synch.
    1:05-1:08 - Let's just say I don't like Beld very much.
    1:08-1:12 - The grey to represent the dead is something I use more than once. I think it works.
    1:12-1:13 - Parn touching some armor, I'm trying to imply that the armor has a lot of significance (it does, originally, but not the sort I'm shooting for)
    1:14-1:15 - This is me poking a bit of fun at Wart's age.
    1:15-1:17 - I like to link tales and music. Very appropriate, considering this is a music video.
    1:17-1:20 - Emphasising certain characters. Mostly, I just needed to bridge that line somehow.
    1:20-1:32 - Another set of characters, evil this time. Just for fun, I had Pirotess kick Parn's ass. It amused me at the time, and still does.
    1:32-1:38 - When I heard the second verse, I knew I had hit conceptual gold. There is so much loss in Lodoss, it knew it would work. I was right. Note the use of grey to represent the dead once more.
    1:38-1:44 - The two major deaths in Lodoss, Fahn and Ghim, are encompassed in this clip. I used a moving overlay of the dead again.
    1:44-1:47 - You guessed it, I'm being dramatic again.
    1:47-1:49 - I'm sorry about the quality of this clip, but when I reversed it that's how it came out.
    1:49-1:54 - Ghim as he dies, more or less, with a "blessing" happening.
    1:54-1:56 - OK, so this is a bit of a stretch. I guess the association is that he was not forgotten.
    1:56-2:02 - Still more lyrical synch. Note the way I link romanctic hijinks to freedom.
    2:02-2:08 - A small dramatic interlude.
    2:08-2:11 - A short actiony bit. The synch on "die" was accidental. I had to loop a portion of the clip to get it to be as long as I wanted, though - that worked well.
    2:11-2:14 - I don't like Ashram much either.
    2:14-2:18 - Semi-lyrical. The prayer bit is building off of an earlier shot of her praying. The grey shot speaks for itself. In this video Ghim is the one that matters most - Fahn is mostly secondary.
    2:18-2:20 - OK, now I'm getting symbolic, but it's the end, and I'm entitled to do such things at the end!
    2:20-2:28 - This gets a bit complicated. The footage reuse is purposeful. I wanted to tie the beginning and end together, so that it's not a simple linear story. I wanted to close the cirlce, so to speak.

    OK, liner notes done.

    Thanks to all my beta testers. I've long since given up on trying to keep track of everyone who beta-tests for me, since I'm such a beta whore when I'm editing. Special thanks to whoever introduced me to Iron Savior (it was either Flint or nailz, probably the latter).

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