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  • Member: Decoy
  • Studio: Decoy Ops
  • Title: Naruto's Technique Beat
  • Premiered: 2005-05-26
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    • Marilyn Manson Seizure of Power
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  • Comments: On a quiet night in the Chuunin tower, as few ANBU meet to discuss the study on the five, they are rudely interrupted by another ninja. The ninja delivers the complete study on the Five created by Decoy Drone. As the ANBU member proceed in watching the tape, they witness the incomprehensible power of the chosen five subjects.

    It’s that time again! It’s the second incarnation in the line of my 100% original & action packed Technique videos!

    This project took a lottt of time…. 2 months of 4-6 hours of editing a day! The entire AMV was made in Adobe After Effects with the help of a little effect called Trapcode Shine [more on that later]

    This AMV was a BIG challenge for me. I knew what I wanted to do… Robot View! The whole vid is made so that you’re constantly watching from the perspective of Decoy Drone. To take a good example, think Terminator View, constantly analyzing stuff and extrapolating info from its data banks. Check out the screenshots if want some more examples.

    Naruto seemed like a natural choice after Kenshin. The problem with my Kenshin Tech Vid, was the fact it had no story. Plus the text/technique’s were unreadable due to its speed. Also linearity and the amount of content [too many charcaters] was also bugging me. All problems have been fixed now! Its not fight by fight Technique analyzing anymore… I took it character by character [so I had more time to show consecutively used techniques]. I’d take a character like Sasuke, showcase/analyze all his techniques then move on to the next char. This way I’d ensure that the amv wasn’t random or that it felt out of place.

    So how did I choose from the insane amount characters and Techniques from Naruto? Simple:… I took my favorites. I chose Sasuke, Neji, Lee, Gaara and Naruto. I felt they had the best fighting scenes and coolest techniques.

    On a Technical note:

    I used Episodes 6-126 I did not include the Naruto VS Sasuke Fight as I would not have met the Otakon 2005 deadline. [I plan to make Naruto VS Sasuke Fight later]

    90% of the amv does not have the original Naruto Colors. I used the Trapcode Shine Effect to give each character their own unique color theme and glow.

    At this point in the game I can hear people moaning & complaining and asking why ANOTHER Naruto vid? [this sentence must be cliché by now] But if you are like me and you download almost every Naruto AMV that sounds interesting in the hopes of it being something special… I can't say that mine is special but it is different, that I guarantee!

    In order to see the pics, copy & paste these links into your webrowser [Where u'd normally type in a sites name :P]






    So I hope you like it. Any feedback/opinions of the sorts are always welcomed and appreciated.

    Till next time, cheers.

    Codec: Xvid - Avi
    Length: 4:33
    Size: 76 MB


    Best Action @ Otakon 2005
    3rd @ French AMV contest 2005

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