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  • Member: thesoraxrikuone
  • Studio: Elements
  • Title: Yaoi is Full of Love
  • Premiered: 2005-05-25
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  • Song:
    • Bjork All is full of Love
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  • Comments: Just a complimation of yaoi pairing in Squaresoft games.

    The implications are just as subtle as they were in the games, so I wouldn't be surprised if I were the only one to understand the video.

    For those who don't get it:

    All is full of love-

    -Love in solitude
    -Love in the darkness
    -Love in the struggle
    -Love in the arrogance
    -Love in the cowboy hat
    -Love won't let you fall
    -Love in ending the fight
    -Love in the rivalry
    -Love in leaving her
    -Love in closure
    -Love in a gloved hand
    -Love, like a dancing orb of light
    -Love in the burning hatred
    -Love in waiting for them
    -Love in the realization
    -Love in that smirk
    -Love in the lecture
    -Love to be reached for
    -Love to fight for
    -Love to disappear for
    -Love to rain down from the heavens
    -Love to bow before
    -Love to be cast aside
    -Love to fear the absence of
    -Love in the likeness
    -Love to die for
    -Love to turn away from
    -Love to wash over him
    -Love in the battle
    -Love to rend them asunder
    -Love in the memories
    -Love burning in those eyes
    -Love to take him by surprise
    -Love in the drawn blood
    -Love in the return
    -Love in mutual scars
    -Love in the secret smile
    -Love in running off without her
    -Love, like a passing dream
    -Love in the comfortable silence
    -Love never to be forgotten

    And yes, if you caught it, the ending is quite suggestive.

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