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  • Member: Forgotten-Heart
  • Title: All Kurama Wanted
  • Premiered: 2005-05-25
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    • Michelle Branch All You Wanted
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  • Comments: Hey, here is another video: one for Kurama this time, and it's dedicated to all his fangirls, from the "insanely crazy in love" girls to the "I admire his personallity" to the "man I wish I could kill people like that [evil laugh]" people. ^^ It basically features some of his best moves, and then there are some of the battles that really mental or emotional effected him like the one with that fake Kurone and I should have gotten some footage of when he battled Game Master and some other stuff. And you need to focus on the lyrics a bit to understand some parts. I won't tell you all the message of this, I want to see if you can figure out the deeper meaning behind the fangirls of Kuraam. ^^ I hope people like this one. Ja ne!

    ~ Koki

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