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  • Member: ANTDrakko
  • Studio: Seenage Inc.
  • Title: Take Me Away
  • Premiered: 2005-05-24
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    • Avril Lavigne Take me Away
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  • Comments: This is the video that I thought I was never going to do. A lot of things came up when I first started this video, which was about the begining in the year. However, after seeing my Staring Down the Barrell recieve such as great response at Anime Boston 2005, it helped me get the motivation back again.

    Ayashi no Ceres is an anime that not many people seem to know about or have seen. The anime is filled with a lot of awesome plot changes and a very interesting character development. If you haven't already seen the anime, I really suggest you go check this out. If you HAVE seen the anime, I hope you like this video.

    This video is about Aya Mikage and how confusing her life becomes after the age of 16. During this time, she gets "possesed" by an "angel" who at certain points decides to take over her body to do what she wants to do, which is get revenge on Aya's family for stealing something of hers long ago. The video is to depict all the confusion and problems Aya has throughout the anime.

    Quick little reference for those who haven't seen the series:

    Guy w/ Red Hair = "lover"

    Guy w/ Brown Hair = secret admirer

    Guy w/ Yellow Hair = brother

    Hopefully that will explain a little bit. The rest my video should handle ^_^. Hope you like it!

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