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  • Member: Warheart
  • Studio: Globocide Productions
  • Title: Artificial Imagery
  • Premiered: 2005-09-17
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    • Samael Being
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  • Comments: Progress started: 3.4
    Progress complete: 23.5
    Time spent: ~95 hours + time for export & compressing (like 20 hours)


    After making two rather unimportant videos I wanted to do something different, something that would be able to surpass Youth Denied, something new. So I had to get some new opportunities, in other words: a new editor so I went and got an old version of Premiere. After several hours of experimenting with the new editingenviroment I took a look at all the great ideas for amvs I wrote down during the last years but wasn't able to get done due to a lack of abilitys and experience (and because of my old editor). I choose one of the most challenging projects cause it was really the best idea of'em and I was sure that it'll turn out totally different than anything I ever did before. Then I got to work first the storyboard, damn that was completely nuts and I think it's mabye the only weakness of the video cause it's hard to understand what the video was supposed to say, but if you have a look at the name of the amv you might get an idea what it's about. The sceneselection came next and then finally the editing, during I had to change the storyboard a bit but not to much that it alienated to much from the original.

    While editing there were much obstacles which I weren't used to such as the typical Premiere chrashs and loss of timelineparts as well as the fact that Prermiere likes to break down when I wanted to copy some certain video effects (noise, solid composite and radial blur). That cost me much time but since I was suprised how fast the rest of the editing went ,since I planned so much before actually beginning to edit that wasn't to distracting to restart Premiere after all 30 minutes. The only thing that really got me was the fact that Premiere liked to get errors while replaying the review files, it just refused to play the audiostream which really got on my nerves. After about two minutes of the timeline where finished premiere started to slow down and continued to get slower and slower. When I slowly made my way to towards the end of the timeline the programm needed like 5-10 minutes to render 5 secs of previewmaterial (ok maybe it just was because of the 8 filters on one single scene ;P).

    Next thing was the export and the compressionn, which I wasn't used to as well since I always used the compressor of the former editor to compress my video (just Wardancer was treated with virdub). So I had to get into most of the avisynth stuff which was kind of difficult because my english isn't that good. After like 10 hours of learning what commands I needed for the avsscript for my exported video (thx JCD) I rendered it and it looked like shit cause I messed up the encoder options. After the 2nd try I had a usefull version for the beamer and the judge. Then I wanted to do a useful distro and virdub kept crashing due to a avisynth read error and after that I noticed that the mainfile was brokenbut at that time I already deleted the sources and thus the final encode looks rather blocky in some parts especially when the grain & noises appear. Can't wait to see the HQ version of my own creation on the big screen :)

    I guess I am at least a bit disappointed that I didn't win and just got the 2nd place in my category which was other, but the only thing I can hope for is that next year my video will be a bit better. The first place went to PX32 with his GTO Characterprofile which was indeed kinda funny. I just got an award for "Oustanding Optic and Effects". But the contest was fun and I met the whole community. Well thats it the rest wouldn't be interesting


    Intosample was taken from : Machinae Supremacy's Origin (this is a legal dl. from the artists page)

    If you are interested to read the lyrics here they are:

    Samael - Being

    first day in an unknown place
    nothing to say just a seeing face
    checking names and codes
    longing to give an ode to fame
    I kept friends in my mind
    and a part of the land I left behind
    so here I start to break the ice
    beyond the mirror of peoples eyes
    step out from lethargy
    to show the world what I can be

    so we ride all doors are open now
    to ride, take the straight way to anywhere

    good day in the warmest place
    nothing to say just visiting space
    solar point in stellar plan
    stairpath cuts through cosmic land
    can pay with time patience is rewarded

    so we ride all doors are open now
    to ride, take the straight way to anywhere

    I didn't use to much textsyncs, I focused more on the overall concept of lyrics and video. But the major part of this video is based on effects and atmoshpere, which really is the stong side of the video since I really invested alot of time to think about what to do where and what image would look good to that certian part of the song but still taking the story into account. I used alot of coloreffects and noise as well as a huge amount of glow and blur, actually the whole video exists of blur,glow and noise. But all those are used very effective and most of the effects look awsome (at least in the total HQ version). A small amount of simple timing parts are in it as well but this time theres no single flsh since many people complained about the overuse of flashes in my last videos and actually it wouldn't fit to the video so I just used other more subversive methods sometimes or left some drums unsynced cause it just wouldn't have looked good. Lange Rede garkein Sinn ---> schauts euch an ^___^


    Final Note: Darkness and Headphones Recommended

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