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  • Member: Arczi
  • Title: Fahrenheit - Naruto vs Sasuke
  • Premiered: 2005-05-21
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    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Fahrenheit
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    Yeah, I know, I said, that my newest project is to GANTZ. I also said, that I'm not going to do any amv's to Naruto for some time... but it looks like plans have changed^^. For a long long time, when I first heard "Fahrenheit" I wanted to make an amv to this music. I love this kind of music, with orchestra and choires, specially when this music is so fast (as for example Fahrenheit). The biggest problem for me is, that I'm not really good in making action-amv's, so I could really only dream about making it. But one day I said to myself, that if I want to make good action amv, and I'm not good in this kind of amv's.... I have to practice with it.... I'm mean, how can I learn something, if I'm not even trying...? So I had a lot of ideas to make an amv, to Fahrenheit, like Furi Kuri, Akira, Animatrix, and a lot lot more other. My latest ideas was to GANTZ or Hajime no Ippo... So I had this plan, to make this amv in near future with one of those two anime. But everything has changed, when I watched last episodes with Naruto (where Naruto is fighting with Sasuke), especially the 133 ep. So after I watched to the end of this fight (to 134 ep), I started making this project. And here it is^^. I was in the middle of 2 other projects (first to GANTZ, second to Elfen Lied ), and I still am, but they had to wait, until I finished Fahrenheit project.

    I made "Fahrenheit" in 7 hours . I used episodes 127 - 134. This time there are not to much special effects in this project. Like I said it was practice and good exercise for me, to make good action amv. I hope you enjoy it.

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