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  • Member: Coffee 54
  • Studio: Crazy Vegeta Productions
  • Title: Byakugan at its Limits! Neji's Raging Battles
  • Premiered: 2005-05-21
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    • Breaking Benjamin Blow Me Away
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    Just in cast the title wasn't a dead give away, this video is a Neji profile. It covers both the Chunin Exam and Hunt for Sasuke(?) story archs. Pretty standard fair, this video marks the most fun I've had editting in a long time. I also have to take this time to give special thanks to my brother, for lending me the Halo 2 soundtrack for the audio. I planned to use a different song back when this video was in it's conceptual sages, but I switched to Breaking Benjamin's Blow Me Away after one listen. Anyway, that's all I got here, enjoy the video.

    Production Notes:
    After five months, two cancelled projects, and one M.E.P. track, I finally managed to pull together another full video. I've had the concept ever since I started following the Naruto manga. I had to wait for the series to catch-up before I could even start laying the ground work for the video. When work began, I cut the song into eight sections and prepared all my lovely footage. Effects wise, Neji's 'Byakugan Eye View' has returned in all it's inverse black and whitie goodness. I've also added the 'History Eye View' for flashback. This vid has quite a few flashbacks, but so does Naruto, so I feel justified. Motion, Lip Sync, and some Masking round out the list of effects.

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