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  • Members: Athrun Zala097, Demon Slayer Dante, Rhyvery
  • Studio: Zaft Studio
  • Title: I Cant Go On Without You
  • Premiered: 2005-05-19
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    • Backstreet Boys Incomplete
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  • Comments: Imagine....

    Imagine living in a world as an orphen, with no clue to who you are related to. Then one day you find a clue a single picture , that same one you've been holding onto ever since you where a child, Then leaving where you currently are not knowing what the future holds on you, then one day you accidently come acoss some one who might be your living relative, and having another claim the same, how would that make you feel? after being alone for so long, after all the time spent searching gathering the money, and you found out there was anothing claiming to be the real realitive? If you lived in the same house with the two still not knowing, would you be able to bare it, thoughts racing threw your mind, things like, ..If i am just a stranger, I would have to leave...If i was there realitive i could stay but what about the other? what if i fell in love with him? what shoould I do?...

    This music Video was made based upon those thoughts, Incomplete certianly gose well with the series, if you have watched the series you'll understand, and the thing ar the end no i dont know any one named that, but it's just a kind message i decided to place there, i hope you enjoy this amv.

    Please Leave your opinions, No matter how bad, or good. ^_^

    ps. Sorry if the sound is weird, meaning to loud, i might have set the settings to high, but its bareable.

    - Athrun Zala -

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