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  • Members: Arcane Azmadi, Nyaa-Chan
  • Studio: Dizzy Samurai Studios
  • Title: Shuji and Chise- Eternal Love (Two Hearts mix)
  • Premiered: 2005-07-04
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    • The Goo Goo Dolls Iris
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  • Comments: Winner- Manifest Award (Manifest 2005 AMV competition)

    Arcane Azmadi: This is an extensive remake of what is definitely our most popular AMV. The original 'Shuji and Chise- Eternal Love' received surprisingly high scores from practically everyone who reviewed it, but WE were the ones who weren't happy with it- the footage quality was poor (fansub), the timing wasn't as precise as we would like and we weren't happy with some of the shots. The original had been our second project and our skills had improved immensely since then, so we decided that if the old version was getting 9's and 10's, an updated DVD-quality version would let us crack the ranks of the elite.

    The remake proved to be much harder than we expected- especially when we decided to spice up the first part of the instrumental, which struck us as a little dull. This led to us adding to the second part, then the third, until we were panicking that we were overworking the whole thing. Additionally, we were still having footage control and exporting problems which held us up for ages. But we are still happy with the final result and hope you will enjoy it. If you've already seen the original, you'll probably still want to see this update as it is far cleaner, neater and better thought out, while still containing all the power and emotion of its predecessor.

    As an aside, this is our first AMV to feature our new animated 'Dizzy Samurai Studios' title screen.

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