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  • Members: Athrun Zala097, Rhyvery
  • Studio: Zaft Studio
  • Title: Maiku is Mr. Mom
  • Premiered: 2005-05-18
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  • Song:
    • Lonestar Mr. Mom
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  • Comments: ****THIS IS A MUST READ****

    This Video Was just a practice amv, why? becuase my friend taught me how to properly lip sync with my program, and i thought id give it a try to get the feel of things, yes i know not all is good but hey, its pretty damn good for a frist try! Just keep this in mind, i mainly focuse don lip sync ands a lil of the video.

    This is just a cute amv i decided to make after finally getting all the DVDs on to my computer which took a few days due to ripping and converting -.-....anywho, This video in my mind think suits Maiku very perfectly, if you have watched the series you'll probably understand, anyway...

    Please Leave your opinions, i'd really appreciate it, Im curious to know How i did on this amv..please let me know by leaving opinions.

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