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  • Member: lilgumba
  • Title: Tomorrow's Not Today
  • Premiered: 2005-05-13
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    • Alicia Morton, Charles Strouse, and Martin Charnin Tomorrow
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  • Comments: Okay I just want to say this first. I had a hard time describing what this video is as far as category. To some people it is funny because it is so bogus especially considering the song choice. To others it seems depressing, and angst filled leaving a WTF feeling. After hearing CK say that this was a dramedy I decided to list this both as a comedy and a drama. Which one it is of course is up to the viewer but it is one of these or a combo of both.

    Somehow this won Best Theme in the ACen 05 amv contest. I don't know how but it has happened. I am very grateful and thank the people who made it happen. Now on to the video notes:

    Excuse the distribution size screensize. I had some problems with it and had to redo it. I left it as is.

    Also this version you will be able so see more details that you couldn't see if you saw it at ACen. It was a bit dark. ^_^*

    Initially this was not the video I intended to make. I had already had one video plan tucked away until I got the dvd footage. However, waiting a year long for dvds made the project seem like too much of a hard task. Then in Jan. I got the Jin Roh dvd on sale and watched it. I noticed how good it was the second time I watched it. I understood the betrayal better. This was different from my first impression of the movie because I thought the main guy was the one that was the true bad guy instead of the girls. Granted none of them are innocent but the guy was not as bad. Around that time I found out that the theme was going to be Broadway musicals. On Jan 23rd something clicked and made me think that I should do a various video to Annie's Tomorrow. At the time I was thinking of using the most bogus scenes of people getting hurt in a comedic kind of way. Between that time and Feb 6th I got annoyed with the fact that I would have to go through my whole dvd collection. Since I just watched Jin Roh I switched the idea from a various video to something straight and focused. On the 6th I started editing.

    I guess I can go through some of the thought process that went into this video.


    Basically this is a story about how lots of bad things happen. You can look out for tomorrow in hopes of a better future but it can't change the fact that there are bad things happening today. This is why I named it Tomorrow's Not Today. I know Jin Roh focused on the interactions between the two girls and the guy. In the original story the guy didn't want the girl to die but she took her own life anyway. Then some other conspirators wanted to set him up so they sent girl number two to pretend that she was the sister of the dead girl. Basically she deceived the guy but the guy found out. They did end up having some feelings and she was regretful that she betrayed him but she could leak info so his superiors had him kill her. He didn't want to do that but it's a tough job.

    Now flash-forward to the Annie song. This is like the happiest friggin song in the world. As a matter of fact I HATE THIS SONG WITH A PASSION! Every time I heard it I wanted to bash my head in. So I'm thinking to myself what if I manipulate this song so much that it is coupled with tragic footage. I literally went around my house laughing in an evil manner pacing about just thinking about how bogus this video would be. I wanted to make Annie cry! (I'm getting the urge to laugh in a evil voice now.) So in order to make this happen I needed a tragic ending. This is where the second girl dies. Okay that was easy. The problem was how to get there. This is where I focused more on my initial thoughts of the movie which was he betrayed the girl and killed her. I still thought that the bag girl and the second one were sisters. This gave me the tie in. I had to somehow tie in the first girl’s death with the guy betraying the second girl. I decided that they would be sisters in this video. The guy would be a friend of some sort. The guy would corner the first girl forcing her to either kill herself or get killed by him. The guy would then call the second girl, make her really comfortable with him and then he will betray and kill her. He does get some feelings but he knows he has to carry out his job, which is why you see him back in uniform at the end. Yes that is the gist of things. So by Mar. 19th I was done with this thing.

    As far as technical things go I really didn't do much. I did remember something from Iron Editor last year where dwchang had this kind of fuzzy outline over the footage. I wanted to use something like that instead of a sepia color, like I usually do, to alert people to a flashback scene. I broke out Photoshop and make little spray painted puffy goodness around the edges. I could have done better but I got a little lazy. Sorry for that. The only other things that I Photoshop-ed were the girls at the end of the last shot. (I need to work on masking. -_-) The rest of the video was basic cuts and fades. Impact is what I was aiming for this time.

    I know there are still problems with this video. I tried to correct some for this version. It seems like some things got corrected while others look worse.

    I hope you enjoy this video. I really would like to hear your reaction to this video. You can leave an opinion or PM if you like.

    I would like to thank everyone that took a gander at the betas or the hidden finished product. Also once again thanks to all the people at ACen who enjoyed it and let me have this honor. I truly appreciate it.

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