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  • Member: keeso
  • Studio: FoxWorm Studios
  • Title: Ookami No Namida
  • Premiered: 2005-05-15
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  • Song:
    • Aikawa Nanase unlimited
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  • Comments: Well this is my newest amv.

    Here is some info about my amv:


    Well about few months ago i watched anime called, Samurai 7. And I loved the opening song, then I decided that i have to make amv with this song. This song is really good and I think almost everyone will love this song. There was only one bad thing in this song. It's an japanese song and that's why i have no idea what the lyrics say. And cause I was unable to find english translation, I just had to make with my instincts.


    I used Wolf's Rain cause i think it's Great anime serie. As everyone knows Wolf's Rain isn't that "happy" and enjoyable anime. I mean it's so "dark". Infact when I watched Wolf's Rain, I didn't laugh at all, cause it is just so serious stuff. So I tried to make it more enjoyable and I think I did it. Without my good friend Zuzy i would't have been able to use Wolf's Rain in this project.

    "Ookami No Namida" = Wolf's Tears. I was surfing in Wolf's Rain sites and I saw a cute pic where was crying wolf and there read Ookami No Namida. I just had to use it. I couldn`t think better name for this amv.


    Actually I followed the real storyline in this amv. First I introduced the main wolfes and then the "hunter" came with his wolf. Well it's really hard to explain it so i will say it simply.
    The wolfes decided to change town and they started to travel with each other. "Mean hunter guy" followed those wolfs, cause he think Wolfes killed his family. Wolfes are seeking that peaceful place called "paradice". They are not able to find cause there isn't such a thing as "paradice". The main wolfes are Tsume, Kiba, Hige, Toboe, Blue. (Darcia). There are a lot of side characters. Those who haven's saw Wolf's rain yet, GO and buy it now. :)

    Programs That I Used:

    -Adobe Premier Pro
    -Adobe After Effects
    -Adobe Photosohp

    I Really hope that you guys like it, if not that's sad. :/

    Thanks guys, and im willing to have 1:1 op exchange anytime. ;)

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