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  • Member: ReverieNightengale
  • Title: In My Mind
  • Premiered: 2005-05-15
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    • Matt Thomas and Rich Stuart In My Mind
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  • Comments: Mm. No, I still haven't figured out how to upload videos onto the site's FTP server. I'll deal with it later.

    This would be my second little experiment using clips from the anime, "Noir", only this time I used a different kind of music. Actually, if I recall correctly a friend of mine wrote the instrumental whilst the lyrics is sung by a friend of his. He said that I should credit it with Matt Thomas and Rich Stuart, so that is what I'm going to do it as.

    I think that this is moreover dedicated to Kirika, although Mirielle seems to take the scenes on a few occasions, so I'm not exactly sure what the theme I was going for with this video was. I'm just content with the order, scenes, and timing. Much better than my last one, in my opinion.

    Anyway, no matter how many times I watch this video, I can't help but feel proud of it. Mainly I love the way I did the introduction and the ending, the middle part feels sort of rushed, but that doesn't change me feelings toward it a single bit. I feel kind of proud of this also for the sole reason that the music is a collaborative piece done by someone I know. I felt that this was a good way to get his name a little further out there, because he needs more self-esteem on his talent.

    For more stuff on Rich's music and all that jazz, refer to the link below, and be sure to tell him that he rocks awesome arm-socks with making music.

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