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  • Member: MarzGurl
  • Studio: MarzGurl AMVasion
  • Title: KamiKazeCon 2005: Year One in Review
  • Premiered: 2005-04-01
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    • DjSpada Crazy Body [WITH VOCALS!]
    • Monkeybullman Dead Duck
    • sideaffect Phase 7
    • Skabbish Jiggy Beat!! Review, Please!
    • Techno_7 The rave (Futureimage Remix)
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  • Comments: KamiKazeCon was an anime convention that took place in Houston, Texas on March 25th - 27th. I felt that this was appropriate to post here because so many AMVs are premiered at anime conventions. This took a little over a month to complete. There was very little need to be particularly flashy with this, as it is live action. I also felt that this was appropriate here because I like to set my convention footage to music and make it very AMV-styled. In fact, I was inspired by AMVs all around, which was my reason for starting these convention videos in the first place. I wanted convention videos to be particularly entertaining, and I hope that I have done a decent enough job. Can you name all the animes that make cameos in this convention? See if you can!

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