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  • Members (6): Athrun Zala097, Angel Diclonius, Demon Slayer Dante, Rhyvery, Sharingan Ninja DarkCross, Silver Wolf of Mist
  • Studio: Zaft Studio
  • Title: If I Held My Ground
  • Premiered: 2005-05-13
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    • Rise Against Dancing for Rain
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  • Comments: My second uploaded amv, it's been some time since i last made one, Well this one is off the new Naruto movie, finally got my hands on it, And if you have seen the movie and know the song then thinka bout the movi eplot then u know it suits the movie perfectly. I did some lip sync but not much same with digi effects thats why I dident add them on here , meaning clicking the lil buttons for it. any way

    Please Leave Opinions, Im curious to know what you think of this video, So please leave them it's well appreciated. I wroked very hard on this amv. Well, enjoy!!

    PS This vid onyl has the movie NOT the episodes it made me add NAruto the episode thing so it would uplaod duno why its just the movie

    -Athrun Zala -

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