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  • Member: ashiteruSweetSurrender
  • Studio: Matchmaker STUDIOS
  • Title: Fruitless Searches
  • Premiered: 2005-05-12
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    • Metro Goldwyn Mayer Benny and Joon Movie Trailer
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    Fruitless Searches

    Normally I spend a lot of time on my videos but this just fell together perfectly. I went on a search for a trailer that would fit one of the anime I own, and I lost all hope after the 3 I had ideas that would work, didn't. Then I came across this one. The movie Benny and Joon my be the most out there idea for Fruits Basket, but somehow it just kinda clicked, and that... well, that just thrilled me. I'd been looking forever and then I found one!

    The Story:

    This is the story as far as the trailer goes with the characters I used to represent whom and what. Haru is a friend of Shigure's who wants Shigure to come over to play cards but Shigure is the brother of Tohru, a girl who is clumsy and sort of mindless. So, for being so protective Shigure dosent think it's a good idea to bring her over. Haru has a cousin, Kyo, who he wants to get off his hands... he figures if he can get the gullible Tohru to play he can get rid of his cousin easy. And he does. So then basically they fall for eachother but they have to tell Akito, and she does and well, you know by the trailer. I also put a little of Shishou in there... which almost shows what the anime Fruits Basket is about, with him wanting to help Kyo by helping him... by, you know.

    The Idea:

    The fact that this trailer mentioned cousins and cards and the girl being "crazy" for thinking the way she does was enough for me! :)

    The Explanations:

    During the quote, "I want you to take my cousin off my hands" it wasn't Haru talking to Kyo or Kyo talking... it was sort of a glimpse at Haru and the cousin he wants to get rid of... like they do in trailers.

    In the very beginning were you see short glimpses of Tohru I wanted to go by the actual trailer and show the quick glimpses of the "girl that lights things on fire, reads, and paints", Tohru, in this case.

    I just found out recently that Akito is a woman if you didn't know, which many don't, it won't bother you, I know this simply because even though I've been told, I haven't been convinced, because, in the anime Akito is a man. But in the original story, Akito is a woman who was raised as a man... no one knows, i don't, i don't care... Akito creeps me out. :D

    The reason this is a spoiler and yet a trailer is that I used all the best visual moments from fruits basket with Kyo and Tohru... including the lovely ending but not any giveaways regarding the secrets except for a slight shot which is intended to make you wonder because it was so fast.

    The Good, the Great, and the Dissapointing:

    In many ways this trailer ended out perfectly the way I wanted it. And I'm really glad it did because it makes it that much of an accomplishment for me, considering all my other vids I never took the time to perfect it the way I wanted to end up.

    There are many little things that I love, my favorite parts are the part about how he's her only brother because I made that lightning... lol, The "yea? Well you're crazy!" Cause the lip sync fit soo well, and the part at the end where kyo runs down the roof and you here a little tin tap with each step 'cause the same thing happens in the trailer itself... haha good times.

    I can't tell you how frustrated I am with my program. WMM2... AND my computer. Just recently the RAM on our computer has not been able to accomplish exporting tasks completely. For example, I finally figured out how to save my vid in awesome quality, and I tried... It took forever but it saved and when I went to watch it and 5 seconds of amazing quality were there... JUST 5 secs... so I tried my best for the viewers sake and sadly for mine and saved it the highest I could to a meesly 512kbps. After that I attemped to still make it bareable and convert it to an mpeg and in the process adding the "High Quality, Noise Clean-up" option to the converting, and it is what it is, and that's all that it is. I promise I'm trying and I'm sorry, but I hope this dosent effect the overall view of the vid.


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