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  • Member: Nobu_X
  • Studio: TAC Studios
  • Title: The Only One
  • Premiered: 2005-05-11
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  • Song:
    • Goo Goo Dolls Only One
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  • Comments: Well.. in the past two months i have been watching this great series, which is The Prince of Tennis. After watching as much as i could of the anime, i felt like there could be done a fast action amv about it.. so i've tried and this amv is the result of 3 weeks of heavy editing.
    The AMV is about the characters and tennis plays. I focused on "normal" tennis plays more than the "specials" of each character, although they are part of the anime, so they were shown in the amv too, but just not as much as the other one. I tried to pick only te most well-animated scenes from the anime, so it really was hard looking for them in over 150 episodes. All for the anime, right? =P
    In this AMV i was greatly inspired by istiv's Kaizoku no Bouken.. great amv, if you haven't seen it yet, surely you should.
    I also tried to show the main characters during the amv, like Sengoku, Atobe, Ryoma and Tezuka. There were not enough space to put all te characters, so i tried to focus on some few characters only.
    The song is Goo Goo Dolls - Only One, edited version for this amv ( i wanted something faster, so this song is like a fast and short version of the original ).
    I hope all the fans feel pleased with this amv, it's made by a fan for fans =P
    Please leave an opinion if you feel like it.

    cisne_amarelo, TILT, Katsumi_Liqueur, Metal_Carcass and everybody who's helped me with opinions.

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