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  • Member: Aria Mournesong
  • Studio: Three-Star Studios
  • Title: Battle of the Heroes
  • Premiered: 2005-05-12
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  • Songs:
    • John Williams Battle of the Heroes
    • John Williams Duel of the Fates
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  • Comments: After nearly 6 weeks it's finally done!! Today alone I spent nearly 12 hours working on this AMV, along with the 5 hours for a day for the last 5 - 6 weeks... I spent a lot of time on this.

    It was a struggle too, between having to wait for the song to come out(which I decided against), waiting for the cips to become available and finally WMM deciding there were too many effects in the AMV to save into one file. The last caused me to go back and split the AMV into three different sections. Which ironically worked out cause when I was making the AMV I created it in parts.
    In the end it was defenatly worth the trouble.

    Overall I've got to say I'm extremely impressed with how I made this AMV, especially since it was in Windows Movie Maker. The quality is great and the digital effects came out just the way I wanted them.

    The songs chosen for the AMV I spliced up myself. I took Duel of the Fates(From Episode I) and Battle of the Heroes(Episode III) and merged them together. The outcome was far exceeded what I expected.

    The concept for the AMV I got from watching the "Tragedy" Trailer for Episode III. Hearing the music then seeing Anakin's turn to the Darkside reminded me a lot of Sasuke. He starts off as a celebrity in Konoha. Being born to the Uchiha clan, as well as being the only suvivor outside of his brother who was no longer a part of the Hidden Leaf. Anakin was the same he came from Tattooine as a slave and rose to become one of the greatest, and well-known Jedi due to the Clone Wars.

    But both of them carried deep burden. In Anakin's case it was his inability to let things go. From his mother to controlling things around him. He always believed if he just got more powerful than what he had then he could make things right, as he saw it. In order to achieve this he basically sold his soul to Darth Sideous and the Sith, turning his back on the Jedi Order in the process.
    Sasuke always carried a hidden jealousy of his brother even before Itachi killed his family. He was constantly in his brother's shadow and was never recognized. After his family was slaughtered he did everything he could to gain more power in order to kill his brother. Sasuke sold his soul to Orochimaru and turned his back on the Hidden Leaf Village.

    Naruto is casted in the same role as Obi-Wan in the sense that he has to deal with not only the loss of a close friend. But that he is going to be pitted in a life-or-death battle with his former friend while trying to save him from darkness that he's plunged into.

    This AMV focuses solely on Naruto, Sasuke and their battle at the Valley of the End. This reflects the atmosphere of Obi-Wan and Anakin and their fight on Mustafar.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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