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  • Member: rogueintellectproductions
  • Studio: rogueintellectproductions
  • Title: Mother is the Name for God
  • Premiered: 2005-05-16
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    • Goo Goo Dolls Name
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  • Comments: First off, thank you for being so patient waiting for me to upload this. I have vwery limited access to a high speed connection.

    Secondly, don't download this video. You'll hate it. Especially if you though the pacing of naota's lament was too slow - this is way slower. That being said, I always thought this song fit the relationship among Shinji, Gendo, and Yui Ikari - Shinji and Gendo have an unspoken love, respect, and anger toward Yui. Although they would not admit it, they act betrayed by Yui for her passing. My goal in the video is to portray the emotional fall in both male Ikaris (predominantly Shinji) since Yui's death. I guess it turned into a "Shinji is a giant wuss" video; hopefully, I showed some of the why.

    The song is very slow-paced, with the exception of one segment. In that segment, I tried to portray Shinji's fragile ego regressing to happier times as a child. It's my favorite part of the video, especially the two head swings juxtaposed. Please bear with the video until that segment.

    In the end, you should not expect alot of action. This is a very angsty, pondering video - hopefully, some of the sympathy I have for both characters comes through.

    This is the first video that I've uploaded that doen't use DV compression. Where I've been able to u/l 720x480 videos, alot of people have been unable to play them. This 360x240 xvid version should do the trick.

    Thanks for watching.

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