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  • Member: dwchang
  • Studio: Ninja Gaijin
  • Title: Azumanga or DIE-oh!
  • Premiered: 2005-05-13
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    • Andrew W.K. Party Hard
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  • Comments: This is a short and fun Azu-Dai video I made for Anime Central 2005's AMV Contest (my home con). I generally like making something "fun" for my home con (as opposed to boring them with my Drama/Romance vids :P) and after watching Azumanga Daioh throughout the year, I knew I wanted to use it for something.

    Also, I am not very proficient at these kinds of videos (i.e. non-slow drama/romance) and wanted to challenge myself by working on something I rarely delve into.

    The actual concept is pretty non-existent simple. Azu-dai is full of goofy and fun scenes and the song "Party Hard" is about well...partying hard and has a semi-playful mood to it. Azu-dai wackiness + upbeat song = WINNAR! I R GENIUS!!11! It's almost as genius as anything to Naruto or Full Metal Alchemist. Ooh, burn! :P

    Lastly, since the summer won't have enough Upbeat Azumanga Daioh videos, I figured I'd make one to fill the void (/sarcasm).
    Comments on particular scenes:
    (For once, I don't have too much to say. Most of the video is just syncing up the footage to the flow and pacing of the song. Nothing really notable or symbolic.)

    Beginning Lip-sync:
    -What can I say? I like Mr. Tadakichi and I find a "singing" dog to be humorous.

    Tomo holding up Chiyo-chan:
    -At around ~0:37, you'll notice the movements are to the guitar. I just wanted to point that out :P.

    "Let's get a Party going! Let's get a Party going!"
    ~1:07 - 1:09 was an insta-sync. As in, I put the clip down and it synced up to the words without me moving, cutting or slowing things down. Yay!

    Blue Three:
    -I realize some are going "WTF is this?" here, but well...I found the joke about "Bruce Lee" by Osaka to be humorous so I wanted to include it in the video somehow.

    "What happened to Blues Two and One?" :P

    Multiple Screens:
    ~1:42 - 1:46 is the only After Effects scene and it isn't all that complicated. It's just a huge resolution composition and me putting the previous clips in a collage and hitting render. I guess I could've done someting else, but to me, the way the last "hard" is held sounds like zooming out.

    -And yes dokidoki, I realize it's not a uniform 4 x 4 square :P.
    Final Thoughts:
    As I stated earlier, this video was meant to be a challenge since I rarely tackle this genre of video and almost avoid it on a regular basis. In fact, near the beginning, I was having a difficult time having such "short" cuts without any cross-dissolves. I felt it was too disrupting to the previous scene...and then Gambitt "yelled" at me and told me that's how these kinds of videos are supposed to be (unlike Drama where you don't wanna disrupt any scene and want them to all sink in).

    In conclusion, was it a success? To me? Sure! I had fun making the video and learned a few (basic) things. I also still enjoy watching the video and hope you do as well!
    Hours Spent: ~2 weeks of editing for a few hours a day. Not bad at all ;).

    Equipment and Software used:
    -My Dual 2 Ghz Athlon Computer
    -Adobe Premiere 6.5
    -Adobe After Effects 5.0

    Thanks to:
    -Rozard - Helped edit my audio to a manageable length as well as general beta testing.
    -Corran - General Beta Testing
    -Gambitt - Helped me with some of my timing/dissolve gripes. Mainly yelled at me for complaining that the cuts are too fast (i.e. told me how to make an action/upbeat video :P).

    Anime Central 2005
    -Best Dance/Upbeat

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