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  • Title: Subaru's Life
  • Premiered: 2005-05-10
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    • Switchfoot This is your life
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  • Comments: I have finally completed my latest, and my favorite, video. This is another character profile and is completely focused on my favorite character from X, Subaru Sumeragi. I first fell in love with Subaru when I saw Tokyo Babylon and when I saw him in X the TV series I knew that I had to make a video about him. Deciding what song to use was very difficult for this video. I found quite a number of videos dedicated to this wonderful character and wanted to use something fresh and new. As soon as I heard this song I knew that I had found what I was looking for. It is a bit more happy sounding then what I was originally going for, but I feel that it shows Subaru’s personality fairly nicely. Having a good idea of Subaru’s character in Tokyo Babylon and X is fairly important in understanding this video but I personally feel that everyone can appreciate this vid. I should warn people who view this though that there is a lot of symbolism scattered through parts of the video. Therefore if you have not seen Tokyo Babylon or X you may not understand how scenes correlate with the lyrics. Do not fret though for I am going to explain these sections here and now.

    “Yesterday is wrinkle on your forehead” - For this line I thought that a scene of Subaru deep in thought worked very nicely since it looks like he is thinking about his past. Anyone who has seen X should remember this scene from when Subaru just woke up from a dream about his sister.

    “Yesterday is a promise that you’ve broken”- For this line I once again decided to use scenes of Subaru in deep thought . This scene is referring to how Subaru was unable to do anything to stop his sister’s death.

    “Yesterday is a kid in the corner” - Anyone who has seen Tokyo Babylon will recognize this scene, but if you haven’t the child is Subaru at a young age and the older person is Seishirou,
    someone who was very important to him at that point in his life.

    “Yesterday is dead and over” - Here Subaru appears to be once more deep in thought as he seems to be thinking about how now that Seishirou and Hakuto are dead he does have not much to live for and how nothing will ever be the same.

    Like I have said if you have not seen either of these shows then you may not completely understand where I am coming from in my placement of scenes. Hopefully what I have typed above will serve as a guide. Please leave an op about my vid. I am thinking about another Subaru video and want to make sure that I fix any problems in my video editing.

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