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  • Member: Iamshadowkiller
  • Studio: Shadowworld Productions
  • Title: It's not easy being a hero
  • Premiered: 2002-03-31
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    • Braveheart For the love of a princess
    • Darude Calm Before the Storm
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  • Comments: Well....the (official) title of this video should be "It's not easy being a hero-Tribute to the FF Heroes(What is it all for?2)"
    But instead I just left it at "It's not easy being a hero"....
    Depending on how you look at this will see different is far more artistic than any previous vid of mine.....perhaps the only artistic one?:
    Well, that's about all I will say about this vid without spoiling it.....not that most of you have not seen ff8, ff9 and any other Final Fantasy footage so many times already...but you haven't seen it they way I have presented it in this video.........well, or at least I hope not.

    Feedback will be greatly appreciated:D

    *Don't be frightened/deceived by the size and file fomat of this video...I assure you that the quality is excellent*

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