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  • Member: Kalean
  • Studio: Twilight Dawn
  • Title: Papercut
  • Premiered: 2002-02-14
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    • Linkin Park Papercut
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    Software used: Adobe Premiere 6.0;VirtualDub;DVDx;DivXCodec;Real System producer plus

    How long it took to make: Not quite long enough.

    One afternoon, I was bored, watching Kenshin (as we all must do, at some stage in our life) and wanted to try and model a kenshin video to papercut in some semblance to a somewhat scary horror action video I had planned before with a non existant anime storyline I had thought up one night. (No, the fact that I cannot successfully draw a stick figure with jointed arms does not rid me of my delusions of creating an anime.) While I tried to use the closest matching scenes from Kenshin for the idea in my head, the result was, nonetheless, not scary, and not horrifying. At all. So all we have is a serious action flick on our hands. But hey, it's not like doesn't have enough of those *innocent whistle* While I do try for timing in all of my videos, the timing in this one was so subtle at times, and I was desperately clutching at small secondary and tertiary beats or vocals to time with, so I have yet to meet anyone who can watch it and see all that I put into it. Then again, I've yet to post it on, so.. we'll see.

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