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  • Member: DesetGled
  • Title: Screwy, Ain't He?
  • Premiered: 2002-03-30
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  • Song:
    • Blue Tube Productions Pork Jam
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is my first attempt at an anime music video. It was created using Adobe Premier 6.0 For me, it was as much an excersize in this newfangled digital video editing (I have a lot more experience with the good old fashioned linear editing systems and video switchers than I do with this) as it was an actual music video. Because of that, it's pretty short, and makes occasional use of digital effects and lip synch just for the hell of it. It took me about three weekends to sit down and decide on all the edits and mush the main part of it together, and another month to get around to pasting the two sections (the music section and voice section were originally separate files) together and add in the text. Currently, it's rather large because it's in avi format, but I plan to encode it with DivX eventually.

    As for the concept, it's meant to be a parody of the "Screwy, Ain't It?" series of commercials done for Cartoon Network. The song was actually made for a Cartoon Network commercial, and is part of a series made by Blue Tube Productions (Dave Berg, Michael Kohler, etc) for them. The add on bit at the end is an actual clip from an old black-and-white Porky Pig cartoon, where he smacks his finger with a hammer.

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