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  • Member: dokool
  • Studio: Third Lens Open Productions
  • Title: Body Movin'
  • Premiered: 2005-04-29
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    • Beastie Boys Body Movin'
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    Anime Boston - Finalist, Comedy Category
    AMA 2005 - 2nd Place, Comedy/Parody Category

    Azumanga Daioh and the Beastie Boys, say it ain't so!

    My 8th full-length AMV, Body Movin' was more or less a departure from my previous works: a hip-hop comedy vid that didn't rely on inside jokes and was heavy on the sight gags. I originally sped through the first 2/3rds or so of the video when it was going to be a final project for my Video Editing class, but after further reflection I took up another project for the class, and instead finished this over the next two months or so.

    The concept originally started with the opening and ending - I had this vision of Osaka lip-syncing the sample, and Chiyo in her penguin suit at the end... then I just had this vision of the Knuckleheads saying the last line of the second verse. With the beginning/end/middle in my head, all that was left was to fill it all in.

    There are a couple weak spots - in the first verse, particularly, IMHO. I don't believe Body Movin' should be taken as evidence of my technical abilities (e.g. my previous vids), but it was fun to make and is still fun to watch.

    Body Movin' premiered at Anime Boston 2005 as a finalist in the Comedy category, and I was really happy with the reaction it recieved. I'll probably send it to one or two more cons (including AMA) before the year is through, but for the time being I want to get one or two bigger projects done over the summer before my thesis consumes my soul.


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