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  • Member: Guardian4
  • Studio: Soul Anime Studios
  • Title: New Allegiance
  • Premiered: 2005-05-01
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    • Kamelot The Fourth Legacy
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  • Comments: This is not Sailor Moon, as you've no doubt noticed. This is probably the favorite of mine of all anime that I've ever watched. I love this anime even more than Sailor Moon and Fruits Basket! The Twelve Kingdoms [12 Kingdoms, Juuni Kokki], is awesome. I have seldom made music videos that put themselves together for me, but this one did. I've had this song in mind for Juuni Kokki for forever. Even before I finished watching the show, before they even put out the last two dvds!

    And you know what? This music video, as great as it is and how perfect it seems to fit Juuni Kokki, cannot even being to hint at the depth to the story. It's complicated, serious, and sometimes deadly. Assassination attempts, two different worlds, accidents, friends, enemies...everything that Yoko, the main character, runs into helps her grow as a person.

    This anime isn't like any other anime I've ever come across. There are whole episodes that are devoted to Yoko's character development (something I adore) and there is no such thing as "filler" episodes in Juuni Kokki. Every episode has something in it that pertains to the overall story.

    There is nothing that compares to Juuni Kokki. The anime is based on fantasy novels and if they were translated, I'd buy them too! If I had to recommend an anime to anyone, the first thing that would come out of my mouth would be Juuni Kokki. The broad sweeping plot, the complexity of's beautiful. Every character goes on a journey, and though you see Yoko's most prominently, there are many others that are also undergoing a transformation to better people. It's incredible. This anime, also, has probably the best dub I've ever seen, and that includes Fruits Basket.

    I have no doubt that in the future, I will make more Juuni Kokki music videos.

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