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  • Member: SecondChild
  • Studio: Lost Children Productions
  • Title: Come On, Tomahawk!
  • Premiered: 2002-03-28
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    • Tomahawk God Hate's A Coward
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  • Comments: **NOTE: Please, if you take the time to watch my video, please please please take the time to review it. Even if it's only a few words; response from viewers is the REASON I make these things. Thanks, Aaron B. **

    I know what you're thinking; "At last! At long last a new video from Lost Children Productions!". Yah. *cough*

    *looks around*

    Is anyone here?

    Alright, for my fan club (which consists of two members, myself included) here's "Come On Tomahawk".

    Once again, an Anime Music Video first; the first Tomahawk video.

    Probably it'll be the only Tomahawk video. For a looong time.

    Tomahawk is another of Mike Patton's many side-projects. I really REALLY like Tomahawk, and I eagerly await their second album. In the meantime, here's a vid for one of my favorite tracks off of their first album.

    I hope you enjoy, it's set to the third episode of FLCL.

    By the way, the third Episode had plenty of material for me to gather, and the song is relatively short. Nevertheless, I reuse several clips in this song.

    The reasons:

    1.) I had a lot of fast editing, and I burned up my 77 clips (later expanded to almost 100) VERY QUICKLY.

    2.) I decided to make the video center around a theme. A hint as to the theme; I almost named the video "The Crash". If I did my job, hopefully you'll be jumping up and down screaming "The cat did it, the cat did it!!!!". If you've seen FLCL, however, you'll know that Miu Mui is, in fact, innocent. =)


    - Aaron B. (TSC)

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