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  • Member: Zaphod_Beeblebrox
  • Title: Cyril of the Playing Field
  • Premiered: 2005-04-27
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • Chevelle Still Running
    • Cold Wasted Years
    • Deftones Around the Fur
    • Dry Kill Logic Goodnight
    • Kittie Brackish
    • Megadeth Trust
    • Tool Stinkfist
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Concept

    Technically, if you want to trace the inspiration for this video back to the absolute source it could be said that Michele inspired this vid by calling himself "Mike of the Desert"

    Explanation of the above trivia:
    I was watching...'Zetsubou soshite Ketsui' i think it was with one of my friends and one of her parents and they made a joke about his name "Mike of the Desert" and said something along the lines of "Wow, that sounds a bit silly, a bit like some old guy calling himself "Cyril of the Playing Field", hahaha."...not the kindest thing to say but the point is my friend then said, "Hey, yeah, we could do an animation to something like that, some old guy walking across a playing field, with loadsa random stuff happening," and so the idea was born.

    If you want you could look at this one of two ways: a piece of black comedy with some really random bits of anime in it.


    As a poignient piece of animation highlighting the plight of age and how futile it is to grow old.

    ...............................i choose the first.

    Tech stuff

    There are only actually four original frames in the whole thing, Cyril's (the old guy's) walk is only made of two frames, using Premiere's motion to move that across the screen, the background (the playing field), and the title at the beginning, apart from that it's all anime.

    There are seven (thats 7) different songs in this 1:24 video, all cut at what i thought were the best points to give an effective transition between the serenity of Cyril and the action of the various anime sources.

    Compression: 3ivX
    file size: ~30.5 mb
    audio: LAME mp3, 320kbps CBR

    Dimensions: 442x310 (owing to the awkward nature of my friends drawings, giving it an aspect ration of, i think, 7:5)

    Frame rate: 30fps


    I'm very happy with this, it could be very effective as either of the above-mentioned types of video, it all depends on the viewers outlook, the animation is smooth, but the old man still looks very old, frail and slow, he contrasts perfectly with the anime and the action. The song "Wasted Years" adds to the effect either way you look at it...i'm very happy with the thing.

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