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  • Member: Haunter103
  • Studio: Yuri Studios
  • Title: Traveling the Books in Search of Why
  • Premiered: 2005-05-27
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    • John & Audrey Wiggins Why
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  • Comments: UPDATE: I've had a number of requests regarding the song so I threw a package together with a few mp3s, along with a not-so short explanation regarding it. It can be found here:

    The title sounds a bit strange, but I like it because it fits the length and structure of the title of the anime it's done to :P. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure what to call it at first; the original title (the title used for the Anime North 2005 AMV contest), is "The Search and the Why". I feel that now it’s ..... slightly better.

    Also, from what I understand, the song, Why by John and Audrey Wiggins, is the promo version (as opposed to the full or radio versions), which is why it may sound different than other versions you *may* have heard. I’ve heard the other versions, and the sound of this one fits the concept of my AMV best

    So essentially, the video is about a girl’s quest or search for the one she loves, despite the fact that she does feel somewhat betrayed by that person for various reasons, which are shown throughout the AMV.

    An explanation of some things you may not have understood in or about the AMV (essentially for those who did not see the anime, which is probably a lot, but then why would you be watching this AMV if you hadn't heard of this series in the first place? :P)
    This AMV features the main character, Hatsuki, and how she longs for another girl, Hatsumi (in the anime, they're sisters, but this doesn't really enter into my video other than the fact that they clearly live together).
    Anyways, Hatsumi turns out to actually be a being that travels to a different universe every 16 years (hence the significance of the clock striking midnight. It's the night of her 16th birthday, but I didn't really get the chance to play that out in my video).
    So Hatsumi disappears one night and Hatsuki sets out on a quest to find her, hopping worlds in order to do so.
    The method of travel is via books stored in some otherworldly library, run by Hatsumi's REAL sister, Lillith, who decided to help Hatsuki (she's also looking for Hatsumi (real name Eve), and is also somewhat attracted to Hatsuki :P). So they hop worlds together, although I don't show a lot of Lillith in my AMV.
    Also, the girl in the middle of the AMV with the comb, who looked like Hatsumi, wasn't actually her, but just someone in a random universe that happened to look like Hatsumi. I'm not sure if that got across (but you may notice that she has blue eyes instead of red)

    I would like to give extra special thanks again to Iceman_F1 (dschlag007) for help on a couple of scenes, and dule for helping my recover RAW material that was almost lost forever.

    This is my second full-length AMV (3rd in general) and I hope you enjoy it :)


    This video premiered at the Friday night open exhibition showing at Anime North 2005, and received a Criterion Award for ARTISTIC VISION the following afternoon at the main showing of all the finalists :D
    The down side to this of course, is that the original title has now been immortalized on the inukshuk-shaped statue/trophy T.T
    Also, this AMV has received 2nd place (in a 3-way tie :P) in the Action category at Onnafest 2005.

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