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  • Member: Negi Springfield
  • Title: Negi's Leadership-The Toy Soldier
  • Premiered: 2005-04-26
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    • Eminem like toy soldiers
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  • Comments: If you have watched the anime Negima or read the manga then you will like this music video you have to understand Negi's situation, and his reason for being in japan. This music video is strongly based on the story line of him and his class. Mainly him. Like when it gose " im sopposed to be the solider who never blows him comploser, even though i hold the weight of the whole world on my shoulders" He in the video is spoeakuing of him being as a teacher a solider that wont let them get her. Alot of the vid is understanding the conversations they have threw out the show. To like this amv u must first know how negi feels why hes in japan and what is his purpose now his Number 1 piority. Which would be to do any thing for his class and protecting his student from any harm.For example for the conversation part it show shim at the train station talking. Dont think its a bad scene. think of it like this they r talking about the past up till now. Well Enjoy the amv.

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