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  • Title: Let's Make A Band
  • Premiered: 2002-09-21
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    • Presidents of the USA We Are Not Going To Make It!
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    Despite having premiered in 2002, this video was actually started work on this video bak in 2000 and finished it early in 2001 when I was running a dinky Pentium II and a tiny harddrive so yeah, Video Quality is a major issue.

    If you really want to review this, go ahead, but I've gotten plenty of input thus far, I feel. I have also moved on to new hardware and editting apps, so I'd prefer you looking into one of my more recent works.


    Episodes 23-24 of The Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses follows Skuld and Urd as they work to make a band. Things, as usual, don't go as planned, which led to this video being developed.

    This took me about two weeks (maybe a little more) to put together, mainly because I was trying to salvage decent footage to use in the video, and I kept bouncing into VirtualDub in order to try and clean video footage.

    Initially, this video was supposed to tell the story of the band "Lucifer" from Kaikan Phrase, but as you can tell from the brief bit of footage I did use in this video, the source material that I did have for that title was terrible. Blah.

    The Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses footage I had was far superior, though not great. The Domestic DVD with the main episodes I was using of AMG hadn't come out yet when I started doing captures , so I wound up using fansub copies I had on hand, thus the use of the evil "letterboxing" in order to get rid of the subtitles. However, I believe that the end result is far superior, and far more humorous than what I would have made had I used Kaikan Phrase. Sometimes, you luck out like that.

    Anyway, I seriously doubt I will remake this video, however, if I did get better source material. The lip-synching took far longer than expected simply do to the fact that I was trying my best to reflect drawn out and fluctuating vowel sounds with lip movements, and it didn't always work well. You'll notice this most prominently with the first portion with first Skuld and then Urd lip synching the lines"We're not goin'a Maaa-aa-aaake it" Agh...

    So, why did I use ~10 seconds of Kaikan Phrase footage in the video even though the quality is $%&*? Mainly because I like Kaikan Phrase, and I liked the idea of comparing Urd's, Skuld's and Gan-Chan's half-hearted attempt at making a band to that of a more serious anime dealing with a "Making the Band" scenario. It was also something of a hangover from the original video concept, and I think I would have felt bad if I hadn't tried to somehow fit the boys from "Lucifer" into the video.

    Idol Project's Layla was tossed in to compare the Goddess' band to a anime character who is supposedly "well-established" as a rock idol.

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