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  • Member: starlady38
  • Title: O Kingdom Hearts Fortuna
  • Premiered: 2005-04-20
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    • OperaBabes O Fortuna
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  • Comments: A great leap forward in my video technique? Or a giant step back? Only time will tell...

    I decided to make this video after realizing that music from Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" features in a lot of the better KH videos I've seen on the org: specifically, "Gravity of Hearts" ( and "Kingdom Fortuna" ( Music from another portion of "Carmina Burana" is also what the chorus sings in "One-Winged Angel" (although ironically in its original context, it's a rather risque love song). So I decided to try my own hand at an "O Fortuna" KH video, especially since I'd been wondering what it would be like to do an AMV to a non pop/rock song. Also, I didn't want to do my homework.

    When making the AMV I realized that this version of "O Fortuna" divides fairly neatly into two halves, plus the initial choral shouting. The first half, then, is all about darkness, anticipation, the cruelty of fate, etcetera. The second half is, if you will, the payoff, but it's not necessarily any brighter than the first.

    I focused a lot on Riku and the Mysterious Youth in this video, and less so on Sora, mostly because I felt that fate ("sors imanis et inanis") has been a lot harsher with them--they are both Sora's doubles in one sense. Moreover, the fact that Deep Dive shows both of them able to wield Keyblades is significant. That said, they must necessarily remain in Sora's shadow: he is the one who will open the door to the light. This video features a lot less of Cloud & Sephiroth than my previous KH effort, and also a lot less of Kairi; there's a reason we haven't seen her in any KH2 promotional materials and for this video I decided it was a sinister reason.

    A brief shout-out to, whose use of this song in their fan-made "RotK" trailer inspired me to buy the CD. I love Orff, over-the-top Nazi sympathizer that he was.

    So, on to the technical details. This video has, hands-down, my worst title ever. Also, I threw this video together in less than 4 hours. Hence I didn't really pay too much attention to syncing the clips to the beats, such as they were, although I did make some effort at crucial junctures. However, since I understand Latin there is some minimal correlation between what the choir is singing and what's happening on the screen. I also messed around with a lot of the clips, mostly with speed and with brightness, to create a feeling of darkness, shadows, anticipation. This video also features a strategically placed blur effect, as well as my first pathetic attempt at a stinger. Moreover, I've decided I'm finished with credit reels, so you won't have to suffer through them anymore. Yippee.

    I made this video 100% for my enjoyment, and in many ways it's nowhere near as polished as my three previous efforts. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it too.

    4/21/05: Lyrics ahoy! If I'm going to brag about understanding the Latin, I should shut up and deliver, hmm?

    O Fate,
    How like the moon,
    Ever changing,
    Always growing
    Or decreasing;
    Horrible life
    It now makes hard
    And then it commands
    Like a game of reason sharpness,
    It dissolves like ice.

    Fate dreadful
    And empty,
    You turn like a wheel,
    States of misfortune,
    Vain safety
    You always dissolve,
    And enfolding
    For me you also make flourish;
    Now in gambling
    My bare back
    I bring for your crimes.

    Fate saving
    And strong
    To me now contrarily
    Is pleasing
    And deserting
    Always in oppression.
    In this hour
    Without delay
    Strike the sounding strings;
    Since by fate
    The strong are overthrown,
    Weep ye all with me!

    12/4/05: Wow, I still think this is my 2nd best video (well, maybe it's a tie). Did the fact that I wasn't sober when I finished it have anything to do with it? I hope not. Rock on completely...

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