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  • Member: Sky_William
  • Studio: Legaecy Productions
  • Title: Understanding Body Language
  • Premiered: 2005-04-20
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    • Theory of a Deadman The Last Song
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  • Comments: I decided not to release this video under my lable for a few differant reasons, but I'll leave it as collective respect for my peers.

    Now, this video is a remake of a video I did a year and a half ago when I was in my WMM phase. I didn't know much about codecs, pre or post processing, and had limited knowledge of ripping a dvd with any good quality what-so-ever. This has always been my favorite video that I have made so I thought I would do it justice this time around. And I think I accomplished what I set out for myself. :)

    The concept is a dream sequence video where Aki, the main character of the movie The Spirits Within, is recalling events that happened in her recent past. This includes arguments with the other main character and love interest, Gray, declarations of love and passion, conversations, and just the trials that they went through together. I also wanted to show how Gray's love for his fellow military members, coincides with his love for Aki, and how they all intertwine to mesh together in video goodness. hehe

    That being explained, there are lips moving in this video and I know that sometimes puts the viewer off and they start to wonder what the character is saying. In turn miss some of the story of how the song goes along with the footage. I assure you that every part of this video fits together as a whole from the intro scene all the way to the credits, yes I said credits =P, to make the story as seamless as possible. I hope I didn't leave any holes in the plot. If I did, then it was my day off and the monkey in my puter took over. XD Anyway, getting back on topic, I decided this time around to go more for body emotion and language to move the story and try to get you to feel for the characters with the lyrics saying what the body is doing. Any lip sync is totally unintentional.

    The I think one of my AIM and forum buddies said it best. "Longest, credits, ever" Even though they seem a bit winded and slower tempo than the video, the emotion of the song and shots of the eagle and of Gray in the background seemed almost poetic to me. Almost as if he was free as a bird. Then of coarse the end of the credits to bring the concept full circle. I was very proud of the way the credits went with the video and the editing style as well. Just simple fades and overlays, but it's something that I've never tried before. Songwise and editing wise.

    Well, that's the video. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed editing it. It was a work of five months off and on and about 50 hours of actual editing. So enjoy. ^_^,v,,

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