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  • Member: DiemondDagger
  • Studio: Destiny Cloud Studios
  • Title: Emotions Of Anime Remastered Edition
  • Premiered: 2002-03-28
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  • Song:
    • Chrono Cross Opening Theme
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Ah yes.
    The Music Video that was my first project that wasn't intirely DBZ and was also one that I put alot of work on.
    Although the actualy editing take much long since I had the original lay out from the first Emotions of Anime.
    Acquireing the footage was a task itself.
    Since I had gotten almos ALL footage from sources downloaded on the internet.
    (Princess Mononoke Full Movie, Perfect Blue Snip Its, Ah My Goddess Episodes, Cowboy Bebop Episode 5 "Ballad of Angels")
    It was hard to acquire it ALL over again.
    All though a task on its own it had tis rewards.
    I began to discover new techniques and as such learned how to better my views of AMV creation.
    Although obviously not the finest art of AMV it does hold a special place in my heart as "The One I conqured over."
    I must admit though it was a blast to create.
    With the music I used (Chrono Cross Theme)
    I was able to make the music video based on three levels.
    Touching (Sentimental, Sweet, Fluffy ex: Breaking your heart)
    Action (Gets your adreniline going.)
    And my faveorite
    Inspiration i can't really give a description for because I tried to use scenes that would affect everyone defferently.
    I used an effect called Acged Film here which helped bring out the Cowboy Bebop Image.
    This Video I am proud of.

    **********************ON AMV PAGE (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS!!!!)***************************
    Thanks :)
    Although I do hold a special place in my heart for the FIRST video ic reated of Emotions of Anime.
    I am truly glad I could get the opportunity to do it again.
    I dedicated this video to someone very amazing and special.
    Jessica Brunelle (jesscaflowne)
    Is an AMAZINGLY kind and sweet hearted woman that sent me 14 CD's through Fed Ex!!!!
    She had just met me yet she was doing this for me.
    This video is for you Jessica.
    You regained my faith not only in myself but in other people in general.
    You are truly one of the greats.
    And because of that I am going to spread the word of you and your kindness and your RPG that you are creating.
    Go there to seem some WELL drawn characters and an AMAZING game that I am so excited for!
    Thanks again Jess!
    And I also Must thank Rebus Valstay!
    He is hosting my video and without him I surely would be lots!
    Thanks SOOOOO Much Rebus!
    Happy Editing.
    See Rebus's site here

    ============September 14============

    The server may be going down along the week. So if it doesn't work, that's why.
    Try it and bam if not try back in a week or so.
    Rebus is on Holidays so, thanks to my fans and downloaders for continuoing the downloading. Please Review!

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