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  • Member: starlady38
  • Title: A Kingdom Hearts Attack (Just The Kind I Like)
  • Premiered: 2005-04-13
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    • New Radicals Mother We Just Can't Get Enough
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  • Comments: An action-full video about all the characters in KH, and how they just can't get enough. I can definitely see a progression in my editing skills from "Yuna's Vertigo" to "KH Attack," which makes me happy.

    I decided to make a Kingdom Hearts video during the month I was in Greece. After going through almost every song on my iPod, I punched up the New Radicals on the plane home and knew I'd found my song. Briefly, this video tries to say a little bit about the essence of Kingdom Hearts, which comes across as more or less a meelee.

    For this video I told myself I would make the best video I could, and I'm proud to say I think I've succeeded. Of my three videos, this one is by far my favorite, despite the fact that it took forever--almost every clip in the video is tweaked in one way or another, though hopefully not too obviously. In particulary I'm quite proud of figuring out how to make a counterfeit lens flash, which I've always loved in other people's videos (particularly VicBond007). This video has lots of action, but I tried not to be too serious at the same time. I love this video, and I loved making it, and I hope you enjoy it too. Please leave an opinion!

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