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  • Member: Kragdrim
  • Studio: Fantasy Movies
  • Title: All for my love
  • Premiered: 2005-04-11
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    • Nightwish Dark Chest of Wonders
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  • Comments: All for my love

    so i have my vid for the first french online contest, that was organisated by Tyler.
    It s video is for the 1/4 final.
    I have make that in two weeks and so i use for anime :
    Full metal Alchimist
    Midori no hibi
    kimi ga nozomu ( for two or three moment)

    the music was imposed and i dislike her. Its really a difficult music for make a vid.

    As i want amuse when i clip, so i search a distract idea. (and i have a lot of stupid idea, is not my first ) . so i try to make it, and the results is the mix between FMA and midori no hibi.

    The base of my idea :

    I wanted to make a funny idea
    The base of my idea is the concept with the hand in midori no hibi, and the concept of possibility of resurrection in FMA.
    i'll try to develop a romance story. As in the music , there is a cut, i decide to develop my vid in two part.

    story :

    In the first part, Edward re-emerge the memory with this love. The wedding, the date, the fest, and other good moment, but i have try to mix that with regrets. Regret because she is dead, and , when the cut become, i will try to schow an how she is dead.
    In the second part it s a resurrection but a strange resurrection, beacause i have try to develop the concept of midori no hibi. She is re-emerge on this hand.

    Final result :

    I m not decieve by the final results. i wanted to develop an romance vid with a music that don't stick with this theme, and i think is good. But i think some body don't like this mix of two anime. flavor of any one. I have make a risk to make that, and i m sur that this mix can't be enjoy all people. But i expect you enjoy ^^
    I think i have develop a little fun's side. May be , because midori no hibi is a fun anime.
    I use Fma, and i didn't want use it, because there is too lot of good clip with this anime, and i think i m not able to make a good clip with this anime. But in this vid, i m just use the character of fma, so i m not touch , i think, of the anime. I try to use FMA in an other maniere, that other clip.
    And may be , it s change a little of others fma'vid.

    So i expect you enjoy the vid, and distract ahead this, like me i m distract to use this funny concept.


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