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  • Member: The Great Wang
  • Studio: Coppatown Studios
  • Title: To The Stars
  • Premiered: 2002-03-20
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  • Song:
    • Fatboy Slim Right Here, Right Now
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  • Comments: This was a fun video to make. Took me about 30 hours of work.

    This video contains NO spoilers! so anybody can watch it. My main goal with this video is to introduce vampire hunter d bloodlust to people. Since it's a new anime(not counting downloads), i want people to say "hey, i want to watch this"

    Now on this video, i wanted to match the fading with the song, i believe that i accomplished this goal. Thus, there is a lot of fading in this video. I use some special effects (flashing, invert) but nothing fancy. I tried to capture all of the characters in this anime, so everyone else has their own little thing in this video. To sum up this video, it has a lot of smooth and fast cuts.

    In the end, during the credits, it's the song "clash and a promise" from the wild arms soundtrack. It's the second time i use this song for credit purpose but the two parts i used sound totally different from each other. So if i didn't tell you it's from the same song, you'll probably never guess it's from the same song.

    The footage i captured myself, no downloaded material. it's ok quality, it' kinda fuzzy because of the compression but still viewable. it sorta gets dark at times, it sorta gets bright at times, al well

    The Song, wow, i cut the song like none other. I'm guessing that i cut about 3 mins off of the original song because, I don't want to make a 6 minute vid, i don't have a lot to work with, and i can't host a 60 MB video. But with all the cutting, i did a good job doing it except at one moment, at 2:41 it's probably the most noticable cut.

    The only reason i made this video is for an anime festival showing, but the problem was that i was a little to late. I was actually looking forward to showing this in front of a crowd. shucks...

    Download from the Main Server at my site, Server 1 or 2 more than likely won't work. enjoy my video, LEAVE AN OPINION! i'll do the same for you if you do. So LEAVE AN OPINION. i'll deeply appreciate it. Don't forget, LEAVE AN OPINION! enjoy....

    Don't use download accelerators, cuz they don't work! wha hahaha

    Thanks to Omega59s for hosting this video. Go to to see his site

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