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  • Members: Scintilla, Cyanna
  • Studio: Aquiline Studios
  • Title: All for the Best
  • Premiered: 2005-05-13
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    • Godspell Original Motion Picture Soundtrack All for the Best
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  • Comments: The first collaborative video project from Aquiline Studios.
    Made for AnimeCentral 2005's AMV contest theme: Broadway Musicals.

    I haven't giggled this much since making DV:UI. ^____^

    Concept: I think Moonlight Soldier put it best when she said, "Why am I laughing at such a shameless portrayal of senseless violence?!? ... This set-up a hilarious theme of people trying to do their best and failing miserably."

    We realized after the fact that we should have called it "Schadenfreude". Oh well.

    - apocalypse
    - much pain and suffering
    - Menchi
    - hundreds of swimming Reis
    - hundreds of Naru-as-Son-Goku (NOT A DBZ REFERENCE) dolls
    - gratuitous overlays
    - dancing Puchuus
    - pudding
    - "shaking down" (heh heh heh)
    - one gratuitous lens flare (for lyric sync purposes)
    - speech balloons
    - blatant disregard for the Fourth Wall
    - money for nothing
    - chicks for free
    - "the bird"
    - dead birds
    - giant Kaoru! (and giant Rei... you have been warned)
    - ... and the approval of Il Palazzo. ^_^


    "Wow, really great stuff, tremendously inventive!" - FurryCurry
    "I love wildly out of context stuff, when it works, and this does." - SarahtheBoring
    "I honestly have to ask you... what the f*** was that?" - Tono_Fyr
    "So wrong.........and yet, so right!" - Lone Wolf



    When you feel sad
    Or under a curse
    Your life is bad
    Your prospects are worse
    Your wife is sighing, crying
    And your olive tree is dying
    Temples are greying and
    Teeth are decaying and
    Creditors weighing your purse

    Your mood and your robe
    Are both the deep blue
    You bet that Job
    Had nothin' on you
    Don't forget that
    When you get to
    Heaven, you'll be blessed
    Yes, it's all for the best

    Some men are born to live at ease, doing what they please,
    Richer than the bees are in honey
    Never growing old, never feeling cold,
    Pulling pots of gold from thin air
    The best in every town, best at shaking down,
    Best at making mountains of money
    They can't take it with them,
    But what do they care?

    They get the center of the meat, cushions on the seat,
    Houses on the street where it's sunny
    Summers at the sea, winters warm and free,
    All of this, and we get the rest
    But who is the land for,
    the sun and the sand for?
    You guessed -- it's all for the best


    [Last verse has both of the previous against each other, concluding with:]
    - All your wrongs will be redressed
    Yes, it's all for the
    - You must never be distressed
    Yes, it's all for the
    - Someone's got to be oppressed!
    Yes, it's all for the best!


    The song, by the way, was composed by Stephen Schwartz and performed by Victor Garber and David Haskell (and company) for the Godspell Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

    Thanks to Sarah the Boring and everyone else who beta-tested.
    Thanks to 1knighthawk (STILL) for letting me borrow the NGE DVDs. <^^

    Update, 5/15/05: This video got the Honorable Mention in the Theme category at AnimeCentral 2005. ^_^


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