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  • Member: Fungie
  • Studio: Sweet Angel Studios
  • Title: Magic
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    • Maho-yugi Original Soundtrack Magic
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  • Comments: Finalized Anime Weekend Atlanta Submission

    Song: "Magic"
    Artist: Maho-yugi Soundtrack
    Album: The TV Series "Maho-yugi"
    Anime: Adventures of Mini Goddess
    Duration: 2:00

    Hardware Used:

    Hollywood + MPEG-2 Playback Card

    Software Used:

    Adobe Premiere 6.0 Trial Version
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 1.0
    TMPGEnc Version 2.43

    Hours Spent: 30+

    Well Otakon submission time was drawing near, and yet all my previous ideas came WAY out of my budget, so I decided to something sweet, simple, but yet smart and suffisticated. So I chose something fun. This video comes nowhere close to "Happy Boys and Girls" but about 17 spots under. So how did I come up with this wacked idea?

    Maho-yugi, my favorite shoujo series, released a CD back in November 2001 with the theme song "Magic" on it. Of course I bought it from and listen to it in my mom's car alot. So around 2 weeks ago (March 24) it hit me to make a small, short, but cute music video to the song "Magic". I originally intended to use Di Gi Charat to this madness but instead I thought of something easier, Adventures of Mini Goddess. 2 volumes of the dubbed DVD has been released, and I owned the second one. It was a perfect match.

    I got back home and popped my AoMG Volume 2 DVD in my DVD-ROM, and began timing some clips. It took me about 9 consectuve hours to time it all. So I took my piece of paper with all the clips/time/place on it and opened up the trial version of Adobe Premiere 6.0, which sucked majorly. I was able to take apart the DVD clips (.vob files) directly in Premiere, added the .wav file to the window, and bam, the video came together in a matter of around 25 hours!

    However, after watching "Happy Boys And Girls" again, I relized it had special effects in it. I did have 2 fades and a quick transition, but nothing else. I didn't have a fancy special effects program like Photoshop 7.0 or After Effects 5.5 but I did have a special effects program for beginners called Adobe Photoshop Elements 1.0 which I used for special effects. It was I think $100. That took around 5 hours.

    So after the finished product had been encoded with Premiere 6.0 Trial Version encoding, I turned the file into a huge-ass MPEG-2 file, using TMPGEnc, which cooperated for the first time :) I played the file back and put it on tape with my Hollywood+ MPEG-2 Playback Card (which was only $50) and it looks great. I am mailing them off soon.

    However, I need someone's help. JACON 2002 only accepts digital submissions, and I don't have a CD burner (yet). Can anyone help me out?

    Well my video will be up May 31st-June 2nd, July 19-21, and July 26 on. It is MPEG-1 so don't worry about file size. Hope you all enjoy it!

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