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  • Member: aaronlye
  • Studio: Sandrock Productions
  • Title: Inuyasha to Kagome
  • Premiered: 2002-03-19
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    • Inu-Yasha the Movie OST Affections Touching Across Time (Track 25 instrumental)
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  • Comments: No, it's NOT Inuyasha TO Kagome - rather, that's the Japanese to, which any anime fan should recognise as meaning 'and'. This video's just something I cobbled together - a few days of footage gathering and about three to four hours of editing did the job. It really wasn't in my schedule - it just so happened that I got my hands on the Inu-Yasha Movie soundtrack (I really want to see the movie!) and there was one track on it that I absolutely loved and felt I really had to do something for. It was fortunate too, since I was looking for a way to feature Inu-chan together with Kagome, especially since my NEXT IY video deals with a somewhat contradictory matter. You'll see. :)

    *UPDATE* - There appear to be occasional problems with the FTP server hosting this video - most of the time these problems are temporary, so do try again later. The server DOES exist, I assure you. ^_^;

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