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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Studio: Shin Hatsubai/Kuroi Kenshi
  • Premiered: 2005-04-08
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    • Slayer Disciple
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  • Comments: SH096 FAQ:

    Q: Why do you hate anime?
    A: I don't hate anime, but I do hate anime that sucks. Next question.

    Q: Why do you hate women?
    A: I don't hate women. I love women; love hanging out with them, talking with them, and caressing and molesting them in mutually consenting situations. However, I can't fucking stand the empty-headed and slaveringly-drawn stereotypes that are allowed to pass as women in bad anime. Next.

    Q: Why do you hate nudity and sex?
    A: I don't hate either; I like female nudity and am rather partial to heterosexual intercourse. However, careful observation will show that this video has no actual nudity in it -- I hate this trope of bad anime, that any kind of exploitation is okay and can be put within reach of general audiences as long as no actual nipples or reproductive organs are displayed. Think of it as Maxim vs Playboy: one has nude women photographed tastefully, and the other has barely clothed models shot with no taste whatsoever, but gets to be sold unwrapped.

    Q: But the poor characters! It's not their fault!
    A: Yes, this is correct. Unfortunately, the people who should be the targets of the weapons in this video have made themselves scarce. The protagonists of these shows are all nondescript-looking generic kids with the personality of a wet paper bag, and a wet paper bag never makes a satisfying victim of a 900-rpm cyclic rate. The staff are safely hiding in Japan, and the fans, who pay money for this junk and really ought to be the ones eating 7.92 Short here, tend not to want to get videographed getting gunned up. So it becomes the case that when it's time to shoot stupid anime in the face, its "face" is the face of its exploitative female caricatures.

    Q: But I LIKE [victim show X]!
    A: Well, buy a flak jacket, keep looking over your shoulder for Messrs. Fuse and Ominae, and thank whichever underaged cartoon goddess you're currently making devotions to that it's still illegal to shoot people for having bad taste.

    Yes. Bad taste.

    SH096 People Who Actually Watched The Video FAQ:

    Q: Hey! Why isn't [stupid fanservice anime Y] in the video, it's awful!
    A: Because:
    - a.) I don't have a bittorrent capable connection
    - b.) I couldn't borrow it off anybody
    - c.) It's licensed and I'm not going to spend thirty bucks on something just to shoot it up with figurative machineguns.

    Q: Why doesn't [cool violence-driven anime Z] get in on the kill?
    A: Because:
    - a.) I don't have it
    - b.) I scratched this video up in a total of 6 days, and you expect comprehensive?


    SH096 was done as a rush, but not rushed, project mostly because I was concerned about the appearance of selling out with SH095, and I needed to make sure I was still alienating the right people. This idea had been kicking around for a while, going back to table at Con Ja Nai X, when I was recovering from running equipment on Divergence Eve, which after two eps had me dangerously close to self-murder. "Someday I ought to just take all the stuff we run in Track 4 (an internal Animania expletive was used originally), smash it together, and run some Slayer over the top. GOD HATES US ALL." And so the video became.

    Directly, this video is influenced by SH050 for the "murder the idols of fanboys" direction, SH064 for the "machinegun strobing" aspects (note the first clip in the intro, which ought to be very, very, familiar to anyone who's watched 'mardraum'), and Mamoru Oshii's segment of the live-action film Killers (".50 Woman"), which consists entirely of a girl with an Armalite AR-50 blowing holy hell out of various people and institutions that Oshii doesn't like. To some degree it also inherits from dokidoki's AMV 'Kenny: Death and More Death', but I'm of course too lazy and too untalented to do the extent of Photoshopping in this one that Tim did in that video.

    Uncredited sources include some fanart of unknown provenance that I rendered into animation (the breast-expansion sequence around 1:12) and two bursts of still images from various eroge (yes, it's cheating, but there's still no nudity) which total run less than 40 frames. The closing music is from Amon Amarth's "Bloodshed", off the Versus The World disc.

    The main music is a heavily, heavily edited version of Slayer's original track; about a third of the original music was cut up because it was slack or offtopic (including all of the coda and all guitar solos), and the result was sped up in order to keep things smashing. As odd as it sounds, the original Slayer track was not fast or brutal enough for this video, and it had to be punched up.

    This video is not on local as of this writing because of two cuts (haha pun) from Tsukihime that are probably not any more graphic than those in various Kenshin OVA videos found on local, but do show graphic dismemberment. Because I like conserving my own bandwidth, this will go on local if and when the admins approve it -- i.e. never.

    Shin Hats Self-Grade: B. Not a great video, but it's more interested in killing things than being great; can't fault it in that regard.
    stats: #clips: 196. average length: 0.53 seconds. total time: 17 hours.

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