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  • Member: KrZyAnime
  • Title: The Child Inside
  • Premiered: 2005-04-08
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    • Qkumba Zoo The Child Inside
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  • Comments: All of you may have heard 'The Child Inside' from the Sea World commercials. ^_^ I love this song very much, and what I wanted to convey a sort of spiritual side of Final Fantasy and well, thats the impression you get from Qkumba Zoo, too.

    There are some neat parts that I put in, but at first I had a different aim for some of the parts but then as I watched it over...I noticed'em. And it was really cool to see that I was able to do that =D

    Anyway, this is my very first AMV that I'm going to submit. I have made others, but they didn't turn out so great, or they might need a big edit job ^^;;

    So comments, suggestions, and other such things are more than welcome.

    Bust Out the Grill Productions

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