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  • Member: NeoGohan
  • Title: Forgotten
  • Premiered: 2001-06-21
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    • Linkin Park Forgotten
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  • Comments: I originally wasnt gonna enter this video into the database, cause really... it doesnt need anymore LinkinBall Z videos, does it?

    But.... here I am.. entering it anyway.


    This video was totally a product of boredom. My well of ideas had run dry, and this is what I was left with. I had actually been wanting to do it for a long time before this was made, but I only had an RM of the movie and wasnt really good enough yet.

    This video went through *2* hard drive crashes. Only survived one, thanks to a incomplete decently high quality Indeo backup of the video.

    Ok, now about the content of the video.

    Youll notice it starts with a quote about Goku and how he died. I put that there to basically show the catalyst for the whole movie. If only he hadnt died.. nothing in the video would have happened.

    It then goes on to Gohan's final fight with the androids which basically shows what happens because of Goku's death. You'll notice some overlays on "The memory wont escape me", which I tried to show the character's reason for fighting. For Gohan, it shows his mentor, Piccolo, dying and then his father, Goku, dying during his (Gohan's) death.

    This then leads on to a scene of Trunks finding Gohan dead... Trunks' motivation for fighting. I thought the lyrics kinda gave a good description of the scene and feeling around Trunks finding Gohan. "The rain then sends dripping acidic questions. Forcefully, the power of suggestion"... the rain being foreboding of what trunks was to find "looking through the rust, and rotten dust". Overall, I think the lyrics worked here.

    Next, after finding Gohan's dead body, I moved on to Trunks' attempt at vengeance. "The memory wont escape me" directly showing Trunks' reason for fighting.. Gohan's death.

    It then moves onto "In the memory youll find me", where this whole scene is supposed to be Trunks' memory of Gohan's death, then showing the reason.. the androids.

    The next bit, admittedly, is pretty much a bullshit area. Its only a 45 minute movie, so really.. I had to improvise alot at this part. Lots of corny matchups of the lyrics and the videos... sorry about that. Dunno what I was thinkin there. "There wheels go 'round"... *shiver*

    Halfway through it I went into the end of Trunks' fight with the androids. It shows him getting the crap beat out of him, and ends with him being unconscious, where I use another memory flashback. This time I try to make it more apparent by using a long Cross Dissolve from him being unconscious to the fight.

    This fight scene is really just another scene to show each character's motivation. This time showing Krillin as motivation for Gohan and Gohan again as motivation for Trunks.

    It then fades back to Trunks' being unconscious simply as a reminder that the previous scene was a memory and the next one will be.

    Next scene... I show the end of the Trunks special where he leaves the future, directly to his return, leaving out the whole Cell Saga period.

    At this part I apologize for the video quality. FUNi was being stupid about video releases, so at that time the episode I needed was not available on DVD or VHS, and wasnt going to be played on Cartoon Network for a long while. I had to improvise and use a downloaded DivX fansub. I managed to get rid of all the subtitles except two scenes, which I also apologize for.

    I thought the lyrics here worked very well for the scene used. "You bring the thought back..". This scene is pretty self-explanitory as it is mainly a sort of mindless violence. The bulk of most DBZ videos ^_^

    The rest of the video was Trunks' basically remembering, after the androids' defeat, what he'd been through. Goku's death and training with Gohan. Personally, I dont think I did this part very well. It ended up looking more like random scenes.

    The last scene people seem to like.. "Until the sun.. rises up". This is basically ending with the theme I had started it with.. Goku's death was the catalyst for the movie. I was ending trying to show that, even though Goku died, he was avenged. He has a nice smile of pride on his face which I like.

    Oh, and the ending credits. I worked on this a good bit to perfect it. Hope you like it, even though it is kind of a stupid idea =]

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