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  • Member: DarkMaskqueradeValkyrie
  • Studio: ś§Guardian Productions§ś
  • Title: Do you call my name?
  • Premiered: 2005-03-28
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  • Song:
    • Ra Do You Call My Name
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Well it's that time again folks! here's yet another video by me. Yet again another final fantasy 7 advent children video. This idea orginally came from a friend one day when i was bored doing nothing, and i asked my friend nijrid if anyone had ever made her a custom music video. She had said no, but when i brought it up, i thought it'd be a good chance to take on whatever she gave me. So naturally i asked her her favorite anime and song. She had many in mind, but one just stuck, the song do you call my name, by Ra. I had never heard of the band, or the song, but when i first listened to it, it rocked, and i loved their sound. The anime i orginally was going to start it off with was to Abenobashi, but unfortunatlly i couldn't find enough footage to suport i was curious to try out my advent children footage, and oddly enough it kinda stuck from then on. Although it most likely needs alot of work, i present it to all of you peoples out there who enjoy music videos to critique my video either into poverty or into it's shining moment, i don't care frankly, i just enjoy making music videos for my friends. This one is especially made for my good friend Nijrid, as i always tell my friends, everyone needs to feel loved and to belong somewhere every once in a while, and i think i can accomplish that by making these for my friends. I make them feel loved, and special and make them feel like they actually belong in this world, and deserve to be here, and that's why i make music videos, to return the favor to all those who give me hope,support, love, friendship, and inspiration. I hope you enjoy my music video.

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