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  • Member: ZaCloud
  • Studio: DZX Productions
  • Title: DZX Matrix Project 1: The Mugenjou (Get Backers)
  • Premiered: 2005-04-02
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    • The Matrix Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: As I got into Get Backers, the parallels between it and the Matrix became too much to pass up. SOMEONE had to have made this combination already, right? Wrong! Somehow, this option was left open, and I went to work with enthusiasm. :D

    To see these parallels, go HERE
    (I don't want to give away spoilers for those who have not seen this far into Get Backers yet. If that's the case, DON'T click that. :P )

    Anyway, when I decided to do this trailer, I already was also placing scenes for the Reloaded trailer, so expect that soon. I also have a third, far more ambitious project in the planning stages involving this anime/audio combination. This trilogy will be the composition of the DZX Mugenjou Project.

    When it came to actual scene parallels, I could only do a few of those, since the context of the events in the anime and movies did not occur with the same kinds of visuals. Also, with the fast changes that happen in a trailer, there was only so much I could do to connect the two in terms of relative scenes.

    So, that was why I decided that the main goal of the trailer would be scene similarity. I was determined to make the scenes have great physical resemblance to those in the original Matrix trailer. If this was not possible, then I would at least try to match dynamics or camera motion. Indeed, there was only so much I could do about the Matrix characters using "Guns, lots of guns," when the Get Backers characters very seldom use those. Heck, the two main characters NEVER do. ^_^;; For the most part I had Ginji cast as Neo, and Ban as Morpheus, however I had to have Ban do some of Neo's lines since he had more fitting scenes than Ginji in that regard. Trinity's role had to be divided between Hevn and Himiko. Well, I say that if the great Narutrix can get away with it, so can this. ;P

    Except for a few cases where I felt longer cuts and less active scenes were more appropriate, the scenes change within half a frame of one another between the original and my video. This attention to detail is why I am releasing a split-screen version, so you can see just how carefully I picked out specific moments from all 49 episodes of Get Backers. The regular version is there so you can enjoy the trailer in and of itself. Which you view first is up to you; split-screen for technical, regular for artistic, though I myself DO recommend SPLIT-SCREEN the most.

    I put in over 150 hours of work into this puppy (Two particular days, I spent exactly twelve hours working. I only stopped for food and hygiene while waiting on rendering!). And that's just arranging scenes and editing; I can't even begin to calculate how much additional time I put into re-watching the series over and over, taking notes on every single scene, importing them into Premiere 7.0, waiting on it to conform audio, clearing and re-clearing hard-drive space for room for said conformed audio, figuring out this was futile and moving everything to my very slow USB 1.1 external hard-drive, changing the save path, only to find out it overwrites anyway thus having to wait on the conforming audio files AGAIN and TWICE AS LONG since it had to go into the external hard-drive... @_@ *falls over*

    *pant pant pant* Anyway, I hope you can find my hard... VERY hard... work was worth it. ^_^;; I encourage you to import the thing into a video editor and examining it frame-by frame. That way one can appreciate just how precisely I did my editing. Cuz most of it goes by too darn fast to realize that every single frame is deliberate. That every single choice I made with this video was made and re-made and re-made again, whittled down until I was satisfied after dozens of re-watches and self-criticism.

    I hope you'll like the scene similarities; I did not merely settle with similar scenes at some points. I changed color settings, contrast, and position on many parts so it would better match the original video's temperature. One effect, the agent standing at the end of the digitized hallway, took FIVE LAYERS to pull off, yet only lasts a mere moment. ^_^;; I didn't go the cheap way either; the only titles and parts I used from the original trailer were the "Forget this, forget that, The Matrix has you" text, the main "Matrix" title text, and the white dying glow of a tv-turning-off right before the final spoken quote. That's it. I didn't even reuse the scrolling green text stuff or anything, because well, the anime had some of that itself! :D (I had wanted to replace the text “Matrix” with “Mugenjou” since that is the corresponding area of the anime, but since they say the word “Matrix” verbally, I felt it would seem awkward.)

    This shouldn't really have spoilers, since everything moves so fast, and is used in different context. Indeed, the anime has a totally different dynamic and feel to it. So, whether or not you've seen it, you should be perfectly fine. Just know that the series itself is even better than I show here; this is only one slice o' the pie. ;) I definitely recommend the Get Backers anime. Not the manga though. I dunno how such a great series came from that thing. ^_^;;

    This is my first video to be made AS an official member of DZX Productions, so I put all I had into it. I hope that this was enough. Enjoy, but remember: There is no spoon.

    ~*~ Special thanks to Prodigi and Sephiroth X for their valuable input and suggestions. ~*~


    Update 1-19-06: For now this'll be stand-alone; since Sephiroth X recently created a Reloaded trailer, I want to refrain from the redundancy of releasing another, unless enough of you beg me otherwise... ;) Remember to check out the split-screen version, folks!

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