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  • Member: BigshotSpike
  • Studio: Industrial House of Light and Morons
  • Title: Exodus: The Long Destiny
  • Premiered: 2002-06-21
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    • Hajime Mizoguchi Grace-JinRoh-MainTheme-Omega
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  • Comments: Oh great! another RRK OVA video adding to the some 150 of them there are. That's what I was thinking at first as well.
    But after I got past the "there's too many of these" factor, I realised that I really had a do-able idea in my mind.
    The song is nearly 7 minutes long (after I did a quick cut job) and I was up to the challenge. After "Memorial", which was 6:35 minutes, I didn't think this was going to be too much of a stretch.


    This video is seperated into three sections: Meeting and Trust(ambient, soothing segment), The Assasin/Betrayel (the bloody action segment), and Aftermath/Exodus (The sad violin segment). Each of these segments tell a different side of the Kenshin OVA's plotline.
    The first segment, "Meeting and Trust", features relatively soothing imagery to match the ambience and fluidy of the music. This represents the early years of Kenshin's life before Tomoe left Kenshin. The tone seems pleasant, but there are scenes of dark and brutal images that pop up from time to time to remind the viewer of the violent Era that Kenshin lived in, but never fully realized. This segment ends with Kenshin finding the secret notes written in Tomoe's Diary. The expression on this face makes him realize that he was blind to the conspiricy caused by people who knew and the woman he loved. From then he knew what he had to do, even though he might have died trying...

    This leads into the part "The Assasin/Betrayel". First you see a glimpse of Kenshin fighting one of the ninja's Tomoe's father sent out to kill him. From there, as kenshin pulls the dagger from his shoulder, you see glimpses of his past and how blood soaked it was. First you see everyone he knew get murdered by bandits then Hiko comes, fortuantely, and saves the young Kenshin from getting slaughtered as well. Unfortuantely though, once Hiko trains Kenshin and Kenshin decides to leave he becomes blind to the path that awates him: turning into an assasin.
    From this point on you see the many acts of killing that Kenshin commits or is involved with. One thing you'll also notice are the clips Kenshin's clansmen. During this segment I wanted to show how much of a ruthless killer Kenshin was and give some backround on some people he knew. Of course, to fully understand any of this you'd need to watch the OVA. The music is the driving force behind this segment with a slamming percussion. But there's also a sad cello as well which shows us the sadness and confusion in Kenshin's soul whenever he does his "work".
    The last segment, "Aftermath/Exodus", starts with the death of Tomoe, the only person that Kenshin held dear to him and swore he'd protect. From this point on he decides that he'll continue to serve his clan, but once his job has been completed he'll never kill again. The music is very sorrowful during this segment so I decided to show brief clips of Tomoe and Kenshin sharing their love for each other. It's sorrowful since they were both starcrossed and fated for tragedy. They both shared a brief happiness together, but they both knew that it wouldn't last forever based on the lives that they both led.

    There it is, the story behind the video.

    "There is no one who does not carry scars on his heart"

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